GRR is out: Convergence push as clock ticks away to CRD-day

With the clock ticking for the scheduled launch of new bank capital rules in the EU from the beginning of next year, European supervisors are still making critical changes to the operational guidelines intended to ensure the rules are consistently and efficiently implemented, says the lead story in the latest issue (February) of Global Risk Regulator newsletter.

January saw five papers of guidelines and standards issued in a flurry by the London-based Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) on aspects of implementation, ranging from common reporting and home-host supervisor cooperation, to validation of banks’ capital models and supervisory review of their risk management practices.

The second lead story says US banking supervisors, preparing their revised proposals for making banks safer and sounder, look like spending the next few weeks treading warily between the demands of various banking industry factions, while being watched by sceptical, even hostile, Congress.

The four federal banking supervisory agencies will have to resolve differences among themselves while facing pressure to create a three-level system of regulation and to mediate big bank concerns. Amid this, at least one senator is keen to remind the regulators that Congress could still block the whole process.

Newsroom reports include: bankers seek regulatory dialogue; valuations warning for hedge funds; record low defaults; corporate governance guidelines; derivatives study; Solvency II time pressures; roadmap for global insurer rules; speeding up EU conglomerates law; Hong Kong.

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