Inmatrix, Western Independent Bankers Form Endorsed Alliance To Help Community Banks Grow Their Commercial Loan Portfolios

Chicago, Ill., February 21, 2006—Inmatrix announced today that the company has joined forces with Western Independent Bankers (WIB) and WIB Service Corporation to provide its commercial credit and financial diagnostic tools to WIB member banks. As a WIB-endorsed Value & Income Program (VIP) Partner, Inmatrix is offering the WIB membership its commercial banking solutions—including software, implementation, and training—at a significant pricing advantage.

Community banks are feeling the heat to succeed in the highly competitive but lucrative commercial lending arena. They face a number of challenges including regulatory burden, margin pressure, widening lenders’ skill gaps, and inefficiencies in lending practices and processes. The solutions Inmatrix offers give community bankers the tools they need to overcome these challenges and compete successfully in the commercial lending marketplace.

“Community bankers are in a unique position to capture greater share of the commercial lending market while ensuring a sound, profitable loan portfolio,” said David Allen, president and chief executive officer of Inmatrix. “Inmatrix provides powerful credit and financial diagnostic tools for banks to assist with credit assessment management and monitoring of individual borrowers or portfolios. The Inmatrix tools enable stress testing of business plans, key financial drivers, and credit scenarios.”

Inmatrix distinguishes itself from other traditional financial tools in its ability to help bankers develop relationships with customers. “Helping people, watching them grow in their businesses, and offering a personal touch to the banking agenda are critical areas in which community banks can outshine their competition,” commented Allen. “Inmatrix’s Optimist and Portfolio Strategist solutions enhance financial communications between a banker and customer and assist in positioning the banker as a trusted financial advisor.”

“Through our strategic partnership with Inmatrix, we are able to offer our members the most advanced and powerful banking tools for growing their commercial loan portfolios,” said Anne Scully, president of WIB Service Corporation. “Optimist and Portfolio Strategist offer much more than traditional spreadsheet products in their ability to help bankers develop relationships with their customers. A strategy focused on relationship-building—including identifying and understanding customer needs, employing superior analytical techniques, and providing advice that quickly gets each customer to their business goals—is our membership’s best game plan for winning in commercial lending. Inmatrix’s products can help ensure success in these three key areas.”

Inmatrix’s value-add to community banks is reflected in five WIB and WIB Service Corporation Board members executing contracts during the Boards’ due diligence and pilot-testing process. “Our ability to use Optimist to do “what ifs” with business customers provides them with real value and differentiates us from the competition,” said Park Price, president, Bank of Idaho and WIB Board member.

The Optimist and Portfolio Strategist commercial lending enhancement tools enable financial institutions to make better credit decisions, develop stronger client relationships, and achieve greater profitability. These software solutions increase lending efficiencies, enhance relationship management capabilities, and minimize credit risk for a more successful commercial loan portfolio.

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