ComplyXL version 1.1 - addin included for version recording and managing of Excel workbooks

London February: Lyquidity Solutions announces the release of ComplyXL version 1.1 providing strong integration with Windows and Excel.

ComplyXL offers managers the ability to interrogate and control spreadsheets without the need to have Excel installed. Version 1.1 extends ComplyXL by integrating version control functionality into Windows and Excel so that users have access to spreadsheets control features in Windows Explorer and Excel.

Sandy Marshall said: “To support Excel users well it is necessary to integrate ComlyXL with tools they user on a day-to-day basis. With ComplyXL 1.1 a user is able to add, manage and compare saved versions by using options available from the Microsoft Excel menu. As important, ComplyXL extends Window Explorer. New columns are available that can be added to the file details display to see at-a-glance which files have been managed and have been changed. This eliminates the need to look for signs of change on a file-by-file basis.”

As Bill Seddon, Managing Director commented “we really do feel it’s important to listen to our customers – after all, they are the users who will help us enhance our product offering and drive the product forward. We, in turn, will help them carry out their businesses in a cost effective, efficient manner - Lyquidity Solutions plans to keep up the pace of reacting to customers’ wants”.

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