GemStone Solution Powers Real-Time Order Management Through Improved Data Routing and Complex Event Processing

Beaverton, Oregon, February 2, 2006 - GemStone Systems, a leading provider of data infrastructure software, today announced that a top buy-side firm has deployed GemFire Real-Time Events (RTE) to create a distributed data infrastructure providing complex event processing (CEP) and analysis to dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of its equities and fixed-income trading units.

By deploying GemFire RTE within the electronic trading system, the organization is effectively processing and analyzing complex streaming events while providing traders a real-time, customizable visual representation of order flows from portfolio managers and relevant market data movements. The next generation solution enables instantaneous delivery and access to vital data, empowering traders across New York, London and Tokyo to act upon the information immediately by simultaneously capturing and querying streaming events, as well as historical data, from disparate sources. This solution also provides an ideal platform for other applications such as pre / post-trade compliance, transaction cost analysis and research.

Based on patent-pending technology, GemFire RTE allows a user to create ‘continuous queries’ that analyze events individually rather than as a batch, proactively and continuously distributing notifications, alerts, and other market events in real-time. The platform removes the need to constantly poll or run manual searches against data arriving from multiple streams in multiple formats, eliminating latency and resulting in significant cost savings.

"GemFire Real-Time Events allows traders to interrogate, monitor, and execute against streaming complex events in a sophisticated and actionable manner," said Shankar Iyer, EVP of GemStone Systems. "By providing the ability to continuously query against streaming real-time data and simultaneously correlate it with historical information, GemFire RTE provides an intuitive solution that proactively alerts traders to critical market movements and enables them to strategize on order execution appropriately. This implementation represents GemStone’s offering of a unique solution in the complex event processing category, with standardized user interfaces that allow for extremely easy integration yet powerful capabilities to customize it for real-time analytics in a trading environment. “

Leveraging a rules-based querying system, GemFire RTE allows traders to create and monitor their queries through a simple SQL interface. The scalable system provides high data availability and redundancy through an innovative load balancing framework, enabling thousands of streaming events from multiple sources to be processed and analyzed and routing the relevant data directly to the appropriate application in real-time.

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