Boston, MA - 5 December 2006

StreamBase Further Aligns With Eclipse To Fuel Unmatched Extensibility & Rapid Integration Of Stream Processing Applications Into Any Environment

StreamBase Systems, Inc., provider of the industry’s fastest and most powerful real-time and historical Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, today announced a new set of Eclipse-based plug-ins that make it easy for developers worldwide to extend and rapidly integrate StreamBase applications into any enterprise environment. These plug-ins enable developers to connect new data feeds and custom adapters to StreamBase’s stream processing engine in a fraction of the time typically required for extensive low-level custom-coding of real-time feed interfaces. StreamBase is the first CEP vendor to deliver a free Eclipse-based plug-in development environment, and by doing so, is expanding its footprint to more than 2.2 million developers globally who consider Eclipse the de facto standard for Java application development.

“We’ve all seen mainstream adoption of stream processing for complex events intensify significantly over the last 12 months,” said Dr. Michael Stonebraker, Founder and CTO of StreamBase. “This has driven the need for an open, easily accessible development environment based on accepted industry standards. We were the first to support a SQL-based programming language for stream processing, and we’re now furthering our commitment to support popular open source development tools like Eclipse. With StreamBase’s end-to-end CEP framework, supported by Eclipse and StreamSQL, developers can quickly integrate new feeds and are able to test and deploy StreamBase applications without the pain and maintenance associated with traditional custom-coded real-time stream processing applications.”

Developers can download the free set of plug-ins for Eclipse, which are now a standard part of the StreamBase Developer Edition, by visiting the newly re-launched StreamBase Developer Zone [See also STREAMBASE ANNOUNCES NEW DEVELOPER ZONE TO AID & ACCELERATE BUILD OF COMPLEX EVENT PROCESSING APPLICATIONS]. The Eclipse-based plug-ins offer wizards and templates that dramatically cut the time required to integrate stream processing capabilities with existing messaging systems and real-time market data feeds. With these new capabilities, StreamBase developers can interface and connect StreamBase with existing infrastructures and systems including:

> XML message streams
> Financial market data feeds such as Reuters or Bloomberg, and Exchanges such as NASDAQ
> Electronic trading platforms such as REDIPlus, custom trading platforms, and FIX-based order routing systems
> JMS-based messaging platforms such as TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ (EMS), IBM WebSphere® MQ and proprietary message buses
> Historical data stores via JDBC
> Unstructured text feeds
> Data distribution systems such as IBM’s WebSphere Front Office, Tibco Rendezvous, Wombat, Reuters RMDS, and Reuters Triarch

StreamBase’s Eclipse-based environment for CEP will also provide the foundation for developers worldwide to take advantage of Eclipse capabilities including testing, debugging, and version control. Furthermore, the increased alignment with Eclipse’s development environment enables StreamBase to be easily embedded or plugged into a variety of tools for application development, including those supported by OEM and ISV partners. For example, Data Stream Analysis Limited (DSAL), StreamBase’s leading development partner in the Finance sector in London views the extended Eclipse environment as being complementary to providing rapid integration into any environment.

"We’re very excited by this announcement,” said Ian Hillier-Brook, Managing Director at DSAL. “The Eclipse IDE is currently our main development environment and we anticipate even faster StreamBase product development cycles with the closer integration provided by the new plug-ins. Additionally, the enhanced integration greatly eases the development of our custom high-performance StreamBase extensions and will mean less switching between development environments."

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