SecureWave Sanctuary Neutralises Threats of Data Leakage and Malware in Financial Services Industry

Milton Keynes, UK - 5 December 2006

Sanctuary® Endpoint Security Software Protects Proprietary Information and Systems at Banks, Credit Card Companies and Other Financial Institutions Around the World

SecureWave, a worldwide leader in endpoint security software, today announced that it is seeing increased worldwide demand for its Sanctuary security software across all segments of the financial services industry. Sanctuary is the industry's only solution that enables organisations to create a whitelist of both applications and removable media that are allowed for use on corporate PCs, laptops and servers. All forms of malware, unwanted software and unauthorised devices are denied access by default, preventing data leakage and protecting system integrity.

"In the banking industry, you cannot afford to make errors when it comes to IT security. Consumers' personal financial information is highly-targeted by identity thieves and we are obligated to take all precautions necessary to protect this data," said Brent Rickels, vice president at First National Bank of Bosque Country in Valley Mills, Texas. "Viruses, spyware and other malicious code have become so pervasive and complex that traditional security approaches are simply not enough. Sanctuary enables me to explicitly list the applications that are allowed to run on our bank's machines. All other executables-including any malicious code-simply will not run. With Sanctuary, I can stay ahead of potential challenges, providing peace of mind for the bank's executives and auditors, and ultimately, our customers."

Organisations across the financial services industry-including Barclay's Bank, Norwich Union, West Bromwich Building Society, Alliance & Leicester Building Society, First National Bank of Bosque County and South Western Federal Credit Union (La Habra, Calif.)-rely on Sanctuary to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate endpoints. Unlike anti-virus and other traditional blacklisting solutions that rely on tracking known threats or unwanted devices and banning them from the network, Sanctuary shelters organisations from present and future threats through a proactive policy enforcement approach, allowing businesses to explicitly define the applications and media that are allowed access to corporate PCs, laptops and servers.

"The increased storage capacity and functionality of today's removable media enables employees to seamlessly transfer critical information in and out of the organisation or unintentionally introduce malware into the network. This creates a new threat vector that must be addressed," said Miriam Neal, vice president of information systems at South Western Federal Credit Union. "Many of these devices help our employees better serve our customers, so we cannot take drastic measures like stripping out all USB ports. Sanctuary allows us to control exactly what devices can be used on our PCs and laptops while providing employees with the technologies they need. Sanctuary also enables us to enforce policy for allowed devices, adding an extra layer of protection."

In 2006 alone, the number of financial services institutions using SecureWave Sanctuary increased by more than 117 per cent worldwide and the number of licenses has increased by more than 73 per cent, accounting for a robust revenue increase of more than 89 per cent from 2005. Many of these organisations, including First National Bank of Bosque County, have eliminated all viruses, spyware and other forms of malware by supplementing-and in some cases, replacing-existing anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions with Sanctuary to gain better control over the applications running in their computing environments. Sanctuary enables other financial services firms, including South Western Federal Credit Union, to dramatically reduce the data leakage threat posed by the proliferation of removable storage media through the enforcement of granular policies for authorised device use.

"As incidents of identity theft, information leakage and security breaches continue to make headlines, financial services organisations are seeking new ways to protect themselves from potential disaster," said Bob Johnson, CEO of SecureWave. "Sanctuary flips traditional security solutions on their heads by focusing on what is allowed instead of what is not. It is far easier to whitelist those applications and removable storage media that you know belong in the enterprise than to create a blacklist of all malware, unwanted software and unauthorised devices-including those that are unknown. SecureWave's rapidly-growing presence in the financial services industry validates that organisations recognise Sanctuary's proactive approach as a far more effective means of preventing data leakage and the introduction of malware."

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