Respond sets new standard for complaint and feedback data analytics with Respond Intelligence

1 December 2006

Respond Intelligence is a dedicated complaints and feedback analytics and reporting tool that gives organisations crucial insights into trends and causes of business-critical issues.

Respond, the UK’s leading provider of complaints and feedback management software, has announced the availability of Respond Intelligence, a powerful complaint and feedback data analytics tool that offers detailed insight into customer perception and business performance. Respond Intelligence gives businesses a flexible, interactive way to analyse the data received through customer complaints and feedback. As with all Respond software, Respond Intelligence is designed to work on an enterprise-wide level. Management information can be shared and interpreted across an entire organisation, offering crucial insights into the causes of business trends and issues.

Drawing on Respond’s unequalled experience helping organisations manage and utilise customer complaint and feedback data, Respond Intelligence has been developed as a platform solution supported by ‘packs’ of pre-configured reports, designed to address the needs of specific industries.

Respond Intelligence integrates fully with other enterprise IT systems. It provides a dedicated, purpose-built platform for drawing together disparate data sources into a single environment where they can be aggregated and analysed. It is an integrated tool-set that meets the specialised needs of data and business analysts, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to both ongoing and ad hoc requests for information. Respond Intelligence automates the production and distribution of regular reports, freeing up analysts’ time to focus on higher value tasks.

Fully interactive reports can be scheduled to run routinely and then distributed automatically in a variety of formats – including HTML pages and PDF documents attached to emails. The system incorporates predefined reports aligned to users’ specific vertical industry business needs. These templates can be extended to suit changing business requirements, with users able to build new reports within the system that retain the functionality and interactivity of the original report templates.

“Businesses are increasingly recognising the true value of effectively measuring their own performance,” says Respond CEO, James Heavey. “Customer complaints and feedback offers businesses competitive advantage by informing them exactly how their product or service is being perceived. By offering a deep insight into the trends within customer attitudes and behaviour, Respond Intelligence allows organisations to monitor product performance and drive business improvement by identifying the key product or service barriers to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

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