Netage Introduces Dynamo Enterprise 5.1 with New Features for Deal, Contact, and Investor Relations Management

WATERTOWN, MA - 22 December 2006

Netage Solutions, Inc., the global provider of front-office software for the alternative investments community – private equity, venture capital, real estate, hedge funds, funds of funds, and institutional investors – today announced the release of Dynamo Enterprise 5.1, a significant upgrade to the Dynamo Suite line of products for deal, contact, and investor relations management.

“The sustained success of Netage over the years, serving the alternative asset management marketplace has always been driven by feedback from our clients,” said Krassen Draganov, CEO of Netage Solutions, Inc. “With the release of Dynamo Enterprise 5.1 we have paid special attention to further enhance the flexibility of the platform and ensure quick user adoption for the highest productivity and our clients’ highest satisfaction. Many functionality improvements will considerably facilitate internal client operations workflow, by contributing to efficient task management and improved internal and external communication.”

“Our client base has dramatically increased in both size and scope,” continues Draganov. “Now we are in over 130 alternative asset management firms worldwide, with several key deployments of over 50 users and a few over 100 users across multiple offices worldwide. Dynamo is now a mature application, trusted by industry leaders enough to take on and replace generic CRM vendors like Siebel.”

Summarizing the key Dynamo Enterprise 5.1 features and benefits:

• Performance and scalability – Dynamo can now handle tens, even hundreds of thousands of activities, contacts, deals, and investors and the relationships between them to meet even the most demanding needs.

• Technology platform – Dynamo uses the latest features and capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0.

• Usability and Outlook integration improvements – Netage’s in-house usability and design teams have re-examined the application to further reduce the number of clicks associated with frequently performed actions.

• Enhanced reports – Dynamo adds dashboard reports that support executive decision making and provide oversight into running the business of an alternative assets firm.

• Workflow support – Dynamo can now support advanced workflow functionality, enabled by the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 platform. Clients can define custom rules to automate key repetitive or oversight processes.

• Advanced security - The need for managed access to important and classified information in a trusted system has driven the new Dynamo security model. Administrators can now restrict entire sections of the product as well as business operations and even individual fields.

• Document storage and full-text search – The Dynamo Suite can not only store any type of document, but important information can be retrieved in just a few seconds, saving users the tedious job of browsing through thousands of files or folders.

• Training and support – As always, Netage continues to expand the amount and quality of built-in help, video walkthroughs and manuals.

About the Dynamo Enterprise Platform
Dynamo™ Enterprise is a relationship management software platform for alternative asset investment firms, such as hedge funds, private equity firms, real estate funds, and institutional investors and funds of funds. Built on the Microsoft .NET platform and SQL Server, it centralizes knowledge about contacts, investors, deals, and third parties in an Outlook® interface integrated with email, calendar, tasks and activities.

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