AXS-One Announces Series of Wins Around the World

Rutherford, NJ - 18 December 2006

Records compliance management software provider builds on market momentum to win new contracts in key markets throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and North America

AXS-One Inc. [AMEX: AXO], a leading provider of high performance records compliance management (RCM) solutions, today built on its ongoing market momentum by announcing a number of contract wins, all signed within the past two and a half months. These wins, which range from initial licenses with smaller clients to enterprise implementations of the AXSOne Compliance Platform™, as well as additional licenses with existing customers, substantially enhance AXS-One’s sales traction and presence in key markets around the world.

In North America, the new customers include a U.S. city government that plans
to integrate AXS-One’s Lotus Notes archiving solution into its existing infrastructure to improve e-mail management; a large Canadian school district
that will implement AXS-One’s e-mail archiving functionality; and a railroad that is
extending its current use of AXS-One’s archiving platform to incorporate AXSOne’s
solutions for Lotus Notes archiving and legal discovery.

In Asia, where concerns related to compliance and electronic records management are increasing, AXS-One’s SAP archiving offering in particular has
gained considerable traction. New licensees for this solution, which is a crossapplication interface providing R/3 business applications with archive and records management functionality, include a large memory device manufacturer in
Taiwan, a multi-billion dollar petrochemicals producer in Malaysia and a media
conglomerate in India with daily audience figures in the millions.

AXS-One has also experienced success in Australia, with four companies in different fields undertaking diverse implementations of RCM technology. These include a large construction materials company that is taking a comprehensive approach to electronic records management with a combination of solutions to address archiving for file systems and Lotus Notes, as well as electronic records management; a financial services provider that will use AXS-One’s e-mail archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange specifically to address compliance and operational optimization requirements; one of the world’s largest fund managers and life insurance companies, which will implement AXS-One’s report archiving product to ensure a centralized and scalable repository and digital archive; and a large communications retailer that will integrate electronic records management and archiving for reports and desktop documents into its current technology strategy.

Finally, AXS-One is experiencing further momentum in Europe, where wins include a major bank based in Spain, as well as significant additional business with an existing financial services customer based in Germany.

”We’re pleased to announce these wins, which were closed directly and through
our channel partners,” said Bill Lyons, CEO of AXS-One. “We’ve always maintained that we have the most scalable and high-performance RCM solutions with the best total cost of ownership available today, and we believe these deals further validate our position in the market. We look forward to helping these and future companies derive the greatest benefits from their implementations.”

AXS-One Compliance Platform, AXS-One’s award winning flagship product, provides a single, scalable archiving and electronic records management software platform for policy-based management of disparate electronic records (including e-mail and instant messages, reports, SAP output, desktop documents, images). The solution features a broad range of capabilities to address growing requirements for risk management, e-discovery and regulatory compliance, as well as delivering exceptional operational savings and superior ROI.

In the United States, interest in AXS-One products is increasing in part because of recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), which mandate that, pending particular litigation, companies openly discuss the evidence they intend to use, including “electronically stored information.” As a result, many organizations are reviewing their electronic records management policies, as well as technology that will ensure fast, accurate access to records in the event of litigation.

“With the new changes to FRCP, even more corporations will have to face up to the reality that back-up systems simply don’t provide the level of security, audit, search and retrieval functionality needed,” Lyons noted. “We believe the market for records compliance management solutions and services, which is already growing very fast, is set to reach even greater heights.”

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