The Weiland Financial Group, Inc. (WFG) Releases Bank Fee Budgeting Functionality to BRMEdge™

Bannockburn, IL - 13 December 2006

The first of its kind, BRMEdge's Bank Fee Budgeting allows corporate treasurers to accurately forecast their bank fees. These results can be utilized at the micro or macro level, as determined by the user. Changing business needs, bank mergers, and the impact of regulatory changes have made corporate treasurers an integral part of the profitability landscape. The unique capability of BRMEdge to mathematically duplicate bank methods allows the system to calculate an accurate future budgeted statement.

The Budgeting module will answer questions such as:
• How much will we be spending on ACH services for each month of next year?
• What will be the impact on bank fees of greater Check 21 usage?
• How much is a 3% price increase planned by my bank going to impact the bottom line?
• What will be the impact on bank fees after our next big merger?
• What will happen to our bank fees based on our business growth plans?

Built into the budgeting utility are automatic performance monitors that not only evaluate the accuracy of budgeted predictions, but compare the budgeted values to actual values as they occur. The powerful budgeting module was built in record time in conjunction with hundreds of companies that use the Weiland Financial Group's BRM system.

Also in this release are several enhancements to the powerful Case Manager error resolution tool. BRMEdge can easily detect keyword-coded (SPAM) services, and an automated contact management system allows users to communicate bank fee issues directly to their bank for resolution. Several levels of direct volume analysis of service charges have been added to compliment the already detailed price and charge analysis of every bank service.

BRMEdge users can demonstrate a high level of control and accountability over their entire bank fee arrangement, accurately manage all of their bank relationships, and now be a powerful component of the profitability phase.

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