Winsor, UK - 14 December 2006

Diebold, Incorporated, a leader in providing integrated self-service delivery and security systems, has reached a new milestone in its relationship with HSBC in the United Kingdom. The global bank recently installed its 250th Diebold bulk cash deposit terminal – the 3030 unit - as part of HSBC’s branch refurbishment programme.

HSBC chose to install Diebold’s 3030 bulk cash deposit terminals to provide online and instant credit of cash deposits to HSBC merchants and personal account holders. HSBC has recently started to allow the deposited notes to be recycled through the ATM channel, thus improving cash handling and management efficiencies within the bank’s branch network.

Diebold’s 3030 bulk cash deposit terminal manages many different note types distributed by all United Kingdom issuing banks, including England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. Supporting deposits of up to 200 notes per transaction, the unit works by validating deposited cash, separating suspect from genuine notes and fit from unfit. Potentially fraudulent notes are held back for further investigation, while fit notes will be recycled through the ATM to be dispensed for cash withdrawals. This has a number of efficiency benefits: bank employees are freed from routine tasks such as counting and reconciling cash collected through a conventional teller position, allowing them to be more customer-facing.

Commenting on the partnership, James Chen, vice president for Diebold’s Europe, Middle East and Africa/Asia Pacific division, said: “We are delighted to count HSBC as one of our customers. They are forward-thinking in adopting self-service deposit automation. We are pleased that Diebold provides HSBC with a complete solution, leveraging the flexibility of the 3030 bulk cash deposit machine and Diebold’s Agilis® Power software architecture, which has resulted in excellent customer adoption and improved productivity for HSBC’s busy branch staff.”

David Nibloe, Head of Express Banking at HSBC, said: “We are delighted with the customer acceptance of the cash deposit device. Personal and business customers alike find the device very intuitive. And coupled with our innovative branch design we believe we have a winning formula. We are witnessing large scale acceptance of automation for cash deposits, where previously the trend was the automation of cash withdrawals.”

Diebold’s 3030 bulk cash deposit machine uses proven reliable technology that was first introduced in Asia Pacific in 2002. The technology is widely accepted in that region, particularly in China with the most recent order from China’s Bank of Communication.

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