IPBS launch IPBS/Business Manager

Nassau, Bahamas, New York and London - 12 December 2006

Enhancements for Trust and Managed Company Accounting and Business

Administration include Diary - Time Billing, Fee Management, CRM, Task Management

International Private Banking Systems (IPBS), the specialist provider of wealth management software for the private banking sector, today announced their new product, IPBS/Business Manager a culmination of the integration of the former IPBS/Trust Administration and IPBS/Compliance offerings with additional functionality.

IPBS/Business Manager provides the governing framework for managing clients and related parties from a KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti Money
Laundering) viewpoint, as well as defining and documenting simple or complex structures for Individuals, Trusts, Companies, Partnerships, Foundations, and any other legal or quasi legal entities.

In keeping with the latest KYC/AML regulation mandates, IPBS/Business Manager offers a user defined risk rating scheme within the client structure, allowing an assessment of the aggregated weight risk of the client relationship (s) from a corporate risk perspective. These aggregated scores can then be measured against enterprise benchmarks of Low, Medium or High or any variant of these.

Interfaced with an in-house copy of any of the Criminal Watch List providers, IPBS/Business Manager enables private due diligence Investigation on prospective clients and relationship names. Other features Include consistent data scrubbing against watch list updated data. Where watch list providers offer Unique Record Numbering in the database IPBS/Business Manager allows marking and filtering out of false positive "hits" on any unique internal external pair.

In addition, the all important corporate fee management capability has also been built into the IPBS/Business Manager and provides a virtually open ended, user definable, fee definition capability for any client entity or group of entities. One off time billing and invoicing has also been incorporated in the Fee Management capability and allows users to create standard matters against which time can be invoiced.

“IPBS/Business Manager is a response to changes in the market, particularly the KYC and AML regulatory requirements. This new .NET solution delivers additional functionality and ease of implementation, ensuring that our clients keep pace with market forces, business trends and regulatory initiatives whilst enabling them to continue to deliver a high quality and timely service to their customer base.” said Bruce Raine, Founder and President of IPBS.

Other important features of IPBS/Business Manager include:

. Secure 128 bit encryption of client and collateral information
. Seamless, local interface with watch list provider data
. Automatic Risk score increases reported in Compliance Log
. Out of limit or trend movements of money reported in Compliance Log
. Sophisticated multi-level client relationships and relationship
. Multiple Relationship - Entity connections
. Graphic depiction of complex structures

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