Austin, Texas – 11 December 2006

The Neverfail Group (Neverfail), a leading global software company providing high availability and disaster recovery solutions, today announced the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD) has implemented Neverfail’s high availability and disaster recovery software.

ACORD, a New-York-based global, non-profit insurance association, will utilize
Neverfail’s software to ensure global availability of the organization’s Exchange and File Server applications.

ACORD provides standards and services that create a common framework for
communication and allow companies to transact business electronically within the
insurance, reinsurance and related financial services industries. ACORD’s services
include hundreds of standardized insurance forms easily accessible from the ACORD website. These forms facilitate communication between multiple parties and ultimately increase the efficiency of the entire industry.

As the organization has grown internationally adding new members in Europe, South Africa, China and other parts of Asia, the availability of business-critical applications has become increasingly important. “Today’s end-user requires a solution that enables them to access information systems such as email and the web at all times,” said Aziz Hussein, chief technology officer for ACORD. “Neverfail is simple to use, straightforward, and never hiccups. With checks and balances built into the design, Neverfail gives us the reliability and flexibility that competing products cannot match.”

Today, data is replicated in real time between ACORD’s New York headquarters and the organization’s disaster recovery site in another state. During instances of downtime, ACORD end users are seamlessly connected to the organization’s failover site where they continue working without disruption until issue resolution has been completed in the New York office. Users are then reconnected to the organization’s primary site and their application environments. Neverfail’s failover and switchback process is completely transparent to the end-user and does not require the manual restart of email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook. ACORD staff and members are assured of both email availability and protection for all file shares created, edited or deleted anywhere in the world.

“The availability of business applications is paramount to the success of today’s
technology-dependent organization,” said Dave French, Neverfail Americas CEO.
“Neverfail is committed to ensuring business and end-user continuity by providing
organizations of all sizes with the technology needed to combat instances of planned and unplanned downtime. Neverfail offers a superior availability product in the marketplace and we are pleased that ACORD has selected us to protect their organization.”

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