Monett, MO – March 30, 2006 - Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: JKHY), a leading provider of integrated computer systems and ATM/debit card/ACH transaction processing, today announced that TowerGroup’s recently published research notes on reconciliation technology named the Enterprise Exception Management Suite (eEMS) offered by its ProfitStars division as “the one to watch.”

eEMS is an enterprise risk management solution that helps financial institutions mitigate the risks associated with their financial and operational data. This innovative solution leverages four modules to support better management of data through reconciliation, exception processing, and business intelligence. nBalance is the real-time, rules-based data reconciliation module; Exception Manager automates the research and resolution of data discrepancies; Case Manager is the Web-based module that automates the work flow required to route items both internally and externally in order to resolve and repair them; and the Risk and Control Console provides sophisticated analytics for insights, reporting and compliance controls.

TowerGroup’s reports titled “Reviewing the Players in the Reconciliation Software Market” (Reference #V46:22M) and “Reconciliation Technology: Advancing Beyond Cash and Securities Reconciliation” (Reference #V46:21M), which were both published March 2006 by analyst author Matthew Nelson, senior analyst, Investment Management, covers reconciliation trends and the automated solutions currently available. According to these reports, the predominant reconciliation trends are moving beyond the backroom from traditional reconciliation to an enterprise-wide reconciliation approach that includes proactive exception management. The trends also involve work flow management and expanded processes that now incorporate thorough investigation and final resolution.

According to Mr. Nelson’s reports, “There is a good chance that readers of these research notes will not be familiar with ProfitStars, formerly Optinfo, and its Enterprise Exception Management Suite (eEMS). However, ProfitStars should be on every short list for reconciliation and exception management projects, particularly for institutions that have enterprise-wide implementation goals. TowerGroup expects to see ProfitStars make a strong push into the reconciliation and exception management marketplace. What ProfitStars lacks in brand recognition, it makes up for in functionality and capability. Accordingly, we expect to see ProfitStars among the top players in the next few years. With a strong technology offering and a deep-pocketed parent company, this is the name to watch.”

The reconciliation technology industry is expected to grow from $232 million in 2006 to more than $310 million in 2009, representing a compounded annual growth rate of 11 percent.
According to Dave Foss, general manager of ProfitStars, “Optinfo was founded in 1989, released the first component of its product offering in 1998, was acquired by Jack Henry in 2004, and integrated into our ProfitStars brand in February of this year. We have an experienced management team in place, led by Steve Manz, a dedicated sales force for our ProfitStars solutions, and an aggressive strategy to capitalize on the industry trends that are increasing demand for risk mitigation and control solutions like eEMS. We have successfully added several top-tier organizations to our eEMS client roster and believe the positive opinions of respected firms like TowerGroup will continue our momentum, and exponentially increase the market presence and potential for this innovative solution.”

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