Latest Release Allows Data Analysis in RealTime

London, UK – 6th April 2006 – Fractal Edge today announced the full release of Fractal:Intelligence 2.1, the patented visualisation product that provides users with a highly configurable and easy-to-navigate picture of their data in which outliers, anomalies and patterns become instantly recognizable. Fractal:Intelligence 2.1 has been released in three editions, RealTime, Enterprise and Reader.

Fractal:Intelligence users are able to analyze and interact with large, complex and fast-moving performance data in a format that lets them focus on what’s important without losing their contextual overview. As a result they can have the confidence that crucial business decisions are being made based on accurately presented performance indicators.

G. Kelly O’Dea, Chairman of AllianceHPL Worldwide, a global strategic advice and solutions firm, states “The visual solutions provided by Fractal:Edge products represent a breakthrough in how corporations effectively manage the deluge of dynamic data in the fast changing world of the next economy – by making it actionable at a glance in every level of the organization.”

Fractal:Intelligence 2.1 Reader Edition provides a means of sharing pre-configured and locked Fractal Maps with a wider audience. They can then analyse, navigate and select pre-configured settings supplied within the Fractal Map project. Analytic colouring controls can be applied to highlight trends and anomalies and to show how key indicators are changing over time. Through the Fractal Map interface areas of concern can be quickly identified and then targeted in just one or two clicks to reveal the underlying data.

The Fractal:Intelligence Enterprise Edition permits direct connection to multiple underlying data sources and allows users to configure their own analytic settings to structure the data and highlight items for their specific needs. They can then share the resulting projects with other Enterprise and Reader Edition users, or export the projects for online distribution via Fractal:Server.

The powerful Fractal:Intelligence 2.1 RealTime Edition includes all the functionality of the Enterprise Edition, and in addition, can display intra-second, streaming data from Bloomberg and other live data feeds allowing users to quickly analyse fast-changing information and make key decisions in real time. Fractal:Intelligence RealTime allows smooth navigation of multiple levels of market data enabling users to understand performance drivers and spot patterns and trends as they develop.

Fractal:Intelligence has been deployed with risk managers, traders and asset managers in top tier investment banks allowing them to monitor performance and risk across multiple trading strategies, view the impact of market and other scenarios and make more informed daily strategic decisions.

“We are delighted that our status as one of the first certified partners for Bloomberg has allowed us to add the powerful RealTime Edition to our suite of Fractal:Intelligence Editions.”, said Richard Laughton, CEO, Fractal Edge. “We expect strong uptake of this edition in our core financial services market.”

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