Temtec, a leading provider of intuitive self-service analysis and reporting software for business intelligence, today announced that Pharma International has implemented Executive Viewer, its powerful yet user friendly front-end OLAP business intelligence tool. Pharma International is part of the Swiss-based pharmaceutical giant F. Hoffmann – La Roche Ltd., one of the leading corporations in the industry, which also includes Roche.

Roche is the 8th largest pharmaceutical laboratory in France and develops, manufactures and commercialises prescription drugs in 9 therapeutic fields (oncology, virology, cardiology, etc.). Pharma International is responsible for promoting prescription drugs in countries where Roche has no subsidiary, like in Africa, the Middle-East, Central Asia and the Indian peninsula.

A change in architecture was prompted by a need for global and local visibility. The global reach of Pharma International's organisation requires that the hundred or so users must be able to gain rapid and easy access to all data related to the company's management. These users must be able to access information which may be strictly local, concerning subsidiaries, or span the entire Group, with the aim of ensuring optimal business performance (sales, costs, customer accounts, etc.).

Pharma International was using an aging reporting solution that, along with a high total cost of ownership, was also technically rigid and forced users to employ a predefined report template which required a technical intervention for even the slightest modification.

The laboratory was well aware of these technical deficiencies and set about completely reshaping its information system along with a search for a new reporting solution based on Web architecture. Given that Pharma International at the time was not in possession of extensive IT resources, low installation and ownership costs and ease of use were primordial factors in their choice. Finally, it was crucial for finance managers and end users to be able to create their own reports.

After having studied the different solutions available on the market, Pharma International opted for Temtec's Executive Viewer because of its rapid installation and ergonomics, and its easy maintenance and management. The solution was rapidly deployed and interfaced with the company's Hyperion Essbase database without needing any modifications.

Thanks to Executive Viewer, users can now consult standard reports drawn up by the finance manager, modify these reports to match their own needs and rapidly and intuitively create new reports. System advantages also reside in its flexibility and its capacity to produce "ad hoc" analyses from a standard report if a more in-depth study is necessary.

"Executive Viewer provides us with great flexibility of use, it is easy to install and enables our end users to create their reports from A to Z, something that was previously impossible," said Pharma International’s finance manager, Sabine Engler. "In addition to the fact that it is technically scaleable and efficient, Executive Viewer generally requires no more than half a day of user training to acquire the key notions."

In the near future, Pharma International is planning to migrate to Executive Viewer 6. This will provide users with higher performance graphic functionalities, the possibility to include messages and send data update notifications to colleagues, etc. This upgrade will accompany the switch to Hyperion® System 9.

"Thanks to its Web architecture based on established standards, Executive Viewer enables its users to manage their data simply and efficiently on a daily basis, without imposing technical constraints on the company," said Temtec’s Director of Operations for France and Switzerland, Philippe Buttaud. "Today, accessing and analysing data, regardless of source, is no longer a problem for Pharma International."

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