IMTRADER Introduces New Functionality Including Blast Browser™ and Message Prioritizer™

Clients Can Prioritize Instant Messages and Measure Chat Blast ROI

New York, NY – April 4, 2006 – Pivot Solutions, the developer of IMTRADER, today introduced new communications functionality that allows traders to prioritize their incoming instant messages and measure the effectiveness of their communications. These features allow traders to increase efficiency by prioritizing and tracking incoming messages from clients. The platform is being rolled out to current clients this week.

Blast Browserâ„¢ is the latest technology in one-to-many messaging that allows brokers to measure the return on investment on their trade communications. By organizing messages by content, traders can more effectively manage order flow. Users can now track the effectiveness of their communications through a consolidated view of all responses to their instant messages. From a single window, users send out a Chat Blastâ„¢, then view and monitor which recipients received and replied to their IM. Blast Browser shows the identity, time and response of each message recipient. Clients can increase or decrease the time period to view more results, or they can filter results based on the respondent.

Message Prioritizer™ allows traders to highlight important communications based on the message’s content or sender. Users can prioritize which messages and senders require urgent attention, particularly if they are having multiple conversations. Message importance can be configured a variety of ways. Traders can change the color of their "chat tabs"; upload and highlight important tickers and AIM® screen names; feature action words such as "buy", "sell" and "sell short" and customize the way these are displayed.

"We’re excited to start using these new features. IMTRADER is continuously delivering technological advancements to help users stay competitive by more effectively managing their communications," Mike Loftus, Managing Director, Soleil Securities.

"Our clients demand the latest in communications technology to stay ahead of their competitors and drive order flow," explains Furqan Nazeeri, CEO of Pivot Solutions. "Our creative technology and development team are consistently striving to provide more intelligent, targeted communications and ROI tools to our clients."

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