Bremer Financial Taps SunGard’s Unified Overlay Management Program To Reach $100 Million In Private Client Assets

Sacramento, CA – April 4, 2006 – SunGard announced today that Bremer Financial Corporation’s Private Client Services Group has reached a milestone of $100 million in assets using SunGard’s Unified Overlay Management Program, an outsourced solution that combines multiple money manager models into a single client account. Bremer’s portfolio managers, relationship managers and trust administrators use SunGard’s Overlay solution to help articulate and implement customized investment offerings to high-net-worth clients.

Joel Reimers, chief investment officer at Bremer Asset Management, said, "At Bremer, we are committed to providing our clients with the best investment options available. With SunGard, we can now offer clients world-class money management capability in a separate account format, which helps us to attract and retain new high-net-worth clients and compete with larger institutions. SunGard’s Overlay program has helped Bremer move toward an open architecture platform for its separate account business, which helps us to use the best ideas from our outside money managers while incorporating our clients’ specific considerations into the process. We can truly deliver on our promise to provide clients with customized portfolio management. With SunGard’s administration of the manager due diligence process, we have a high level of confidence in the quality and expertise of the managers selected."

SunGard’s Overlay technology helps Bremer to monitor portfolios and identify investment opportunities and creates a customized investment vehicle based on the return, risk and tax criteria specified for each client. Bremer serves as the overlay manager by coordinating trading activity and investment decisions. SunGard’s Overlay platform integrates with SunGard’s AddVantage, which Bremer uses for asset management, trust accounting and securities processing, to automatically record trade activity performed in Overlay. Bremer reached $100 million in private client assets since it began using SunGard’s Unified Overlay Management program in the fall of 2005.

"Unified Overlay Management is gaining momentum as the next generation investment management service, as bank and trust clients demand a personalized investment approach," said Mike Winkel, product manager for SunGard’s wealth management business. “Banks and trust companies that have adopted the unified overlay management concept will help their asset bases grow, help enhance their business development, and they will be better able to focus on core competencies."

SunGard provides an integrated suite of services to help asset managers and advisors meet the financial needs of their clients, and capitalize on growing opportunities in wealth management. SunGard helps organizations to deliver on the promise of a more holistic and consultative client experience by providing an array of capabilities for client profiling and financial planning, asset allocation and portfolio management, securities processing and asset accounting, and consolidated client reporting and performance measurement.

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