Lightstreamer delivers real-time data through Opera Mobile

Milan, April 3rd 2006. Lightstreamer "Streaming AJAX" technology is now compatible with the Opera Mobile platform and browser. This enhancement to AJAX will allow the development of a new generation of live applications for mobile devices (phone and pocket PC) for the delivery of real-time information. Such applications include; financial information, gaming, transportation and sport’s results, on mobile devices supporting Opera Mobile 8.5 now with network congestion management and individual bandwidth control as well as real-time data streaming.

There is considerable current interest to move Web applications from the traditional “page-load” model to a new AJAX1 approach that resembles fully-fledged desktop applications. AJAX however, when used to update information in a Web page needs to make periodic requests to the server in order to get new data, resulting in a reduced update pace and heavy network loads. Lightstreamer on the other hand supports true streaming by implementing a "streaming AJAX" paradigm2 because the updates are pushed by the server when necessary.

Lightstreamer provides real-time streaming to the Opera Mobile Browser with many unique advantages, such as:

Bandwidth & frequency Control. It is possible to allocate a maximum bandwidth and update frequency for each user’s streaming channel.
Adaptive Streaming. Lightstreamer detects congestion in the mobile network and it adaptively throttles the data transmission.
Scalability. The Lightstreamer architecture supports thousands of concurrent streaming connections for each Server’s CPU.

"Following Lightstreamer’s success with desktop browsers where sophisticated Web clients are developed in pure HTML and JavaScript to deliver real-time data" said Alessandro Alinone, CTO of Lightstreamer. "Now Lightstreamer3 brings the Streaming AJAX paradigm to mobile applications through the Opera Browser for Mobile, furthermore by using the Opera Platform4 a new generation of interactive mobile applications can be developed."

“The Web has become the de-facto platform for new applications in the desktop world and we are happy to see that innovative products like Lightstreamer are able to rapidly move their services into the mobile world using open Web technologies”, says Timo Bruns, EVP Mobile, Opera Software. “Opera Platform is designed to support rapid development and deployment of mobile AJAX applications, and we encourage developers to download and try the Beta version which is available as a free download from our Web site.“

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