pancredit launching new ‘Multi Agency Decision Engine’ : MADE

pancredit is launching MADE, its new multi-bureau decisioning solution, to help lenders make better credit decisions by providing transparent access to the data from leading credit reference agencies. The solution assists with responsible lending, helps prevent fraud and money laundering, and improves profitability through greater discrimination in marginal decisions.

MADE can be implemented as a complete origination processing system, or the search and decisioning element can be integrated into other systems. The essential graphical control panel allows the business user to easily set-up and maintain search rules, credit policies and scorecards, incorporating data from the agencies along with application data.

Users can define rules, which will automatically trigger a secondary search, for example, when a search fails or a service is not available, or when the primary search has returned grey or limited data. By allowing this to be selective by search type and agency, search costs can be targeted to best effect. Another unique feature of MADE is the ability to view an applicant’s indebtedness through the collation of account data across all shared data sets, improving responsible lending. A consolidated view of multi-bureau data also quickly highlights differences between the agencies.

Peter Constance, managing director, pancredit says: "Initially MADE will support all leading consumer data providers and comes at a time when awareness of the benefits of a multi-bureau approach is growing. We aim to extend this facility to commercial data later this year."

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