Pioneer & Leader of Complex Event Processing Further Cements Its Position As The Fastest, Most Extensible Platform For Processing Real-Time Streaming Data

BOSTON, MA – April 17, 2006 — StreamBase Systems, Inc., the pioneer of enterprise-class stream processing software that transforms real-time complex events into instantaneous competitive advantage, today announced the general availability of StreamBase 3.0. The new release features the industry’s fastest stream processing engine, fueling the capacity to process from tens of thousands to over one million messages per second with near-zero latency. These industry-first performance levels empower global enterprises to run real-time streaming applications that can process high-volume data from a variety of sources to drive increased profits. StreamBase 3.0 also further extends the benefits of streaming applications enterprise-wide by integrating with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ (EMS) and the Microsoft .NET Framework™ through the StreamBase Software Development Kit (SDK).

“StreamBase is taking an innovative approach to solving the problem of large volume data processing,” said Joe Clabby, Founder and President of Clabby Analytics. “This latest version greatly accelerates real-time data processing performance on commodity hardware. And, StreamBase’s graphical user development interface enables developers to build decision support and analytical applications quickly — while automating functions associated with the design of complex, custom-coded applications.”

Highlights from StreamBase 3.0 include:

StreamOptimizer™: Unprecedented Performance & Speed, Near-Zero Latency — In a variety of industries, business users and IT are struggling to manage and leverage increased volumes of real-time data. Embedded inside of StreamBase’s Stream Processing Engine, StreamOptimizer addresses this challenge by instantly accelerating the analysis and processing of business information, and offering the capability to easily leverage more data from more sources. With StreamBase 3.0’s near-zero latency, enterprises can swiftly capitalize on business opportunities and address any imminent risks.

With StreamOptimizer, StreamBase’s Stream Processing Engine now runs three times faster than the previous 2.5 version. Because StreamBase is inherently built to leverage the use of multiple processors, StreamOptimizer can significantly speed-up many stream processing operations to achieve extraordinary performance. StreamOptimizer accomplishes this by dynamically compiling StreamBase applications at run-time, enabling optimal processing and analysis of data streams. StreamOptimizer also enables developers to easily synchronize and combine high-speed sequential operations to reduce latency. Ultimately, this drives accelerated performance and ensures correct parallel processing of fast-moving data.

Companies that leverage StreamOptimizer will also witness bottom-line IT savings. Unlike any other Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology available, StreamOptimizer enables most streaming applications to run large data volumes on a single server. Applications built with lower-capacity systems often require additional coding and system resources to run across multiple servers and keep up with high throughput rates.

“StreamBase built the industry’s first and fastest stream processing engine, and we continue to raise the performance bar again,” said Barry Morris, President and CEO of StreamBase. “Over the past year, global enterprises have rigorously tested StreamBase’s performance levels against homegrown or other commercial applications – and we continually win because we deliver the fastest, most reliable stream processing applications.”

StreamBase Software Development Kit (SDK): Increased Interoperability & Extensibility — In order to further leverage the benefits of real-time streaming applications across the enterprise, StreamBase 3.0 offers more integration options in the StreamBase SDK for leveraging a standards-based infrastructure. StreamBase 3.0 provides integration with Microsoft .NET and also includes compatibility with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS). This increased interoperability further drives the delivery and exchange of real-time data across platforms and applications, and significantly reduces integration time for capturing and analyzing time-critical business information. StreamBase offers integration with enterprise data through TIBCO Rendezvous®, ODBC/JDBC, and Java and C++ APIs. Additionally, StreamBase provides adapters to financial market data feeds and Microsoft® Excel. StreamBase also recently announced compatibility with a number of 64-bit high performance chips, including the AMD Opteron™ processor.

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