Enhancements represent a major step forward for searching, discovering, organizing and acting on unique investment ideas faster and with much greater ease.

New York, April 17, 2006 – Revere Data, LLC, a provider of groundbreaking independent research data and investment analytics, today announced the release of a new version of its flagship Revere Research™ service which includes the powerful Revere Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Scenario report, a new analysis and reporting resource for the investment banking community.

The Revere M&A Scenario report is the first of its kind for investment bankers, corporate finance professionals and business professionals. It shows what hypothetical mergers or acquisitions between two firms would look like, with a particular focus on overlapping and complementary product lines, business divisions, customers, suppliers, and partners. Furthermore, it presents the resulting competitors to the scenario, and any additional M&A scenarios closely correlated and relevant to the one proposed in the report. The report allows easy input of deal financing scenarios such as target prices, stock/cash/debt percentages, goodwill and amortization assumptions, along with the pro forma financials on the combined company.

The data for this report is generated by Revere’s patented independent research systems, the Revere Hierarchy, a classification system that provides unmatched detail in specifying a company’s business activities and identifying exact competitors; and Revere Relationships, a database that maps companies to their key competitors, customers, suppliers and strategic partners. Revere Data is the only firm that offers this type of information.

With the new release of Revere Research, clients also have access to a new Reports Module, which provides a rich array of Revere Reports covering topics such as M&A scenarios across multiple industries, healthcare events, competitor overviews, product pipeline analyses, and supplier analyses.
Revere Research allows clients to view Revere-generated research and to build custom reports that match their specific needs.

“What takes investment banking, corporate finance, C-level executives, management consultants and business intelligence professionals days, weeks and even months to get answers, can now be compiled in seconds with our new Reports Module,” said Kevin E. O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer of Revere Data. “The new reports and analysis capabilities in Revere Research are a major step forward in our effort to help customers search for, discover, organize and act on unique investment ideas faster and easier than ever before.”

Sample M&A Scenario Query and Report:

Customer Question: “What will a resulting company (“NEWCO”) look like if a large pharmaceuticals company wants to acquire a fast growing biotechnology company with an attractive pipeline of drugs in development?”


“What would a combined company look like if a well-branded software company wants to expand its product line by acquiring or merging with a more niche CRM software provider?”

Revere report includes:

--business summary for NEWCO;
--overlapping and complementary product lines; --lists all competitors for NEWCO; --dependent suppliers to NEWCO; --key customers and strategic partners to NEWCO; --key deal metrics; and --any other related deals to the NEWCO deal from Revere’s proprietary databases.

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