AmbironTrustWave Launches SpiderLabs™

New Division to Counter the Latest Online Threats

CHICAGO -- April 17, 2006 – AmbironTrustWave, the leading provider of data security and compliance services to businesses in the payment industry, has announced the formation of a new business unit to focus on detecting and mitigating the latest threats from online hazards such as hackers and viruses.

The new unit called SpiderLabs, will serve as the firm’s data security services division with core expertise in penetration testing, application security, incident response and forensics, and 24x7 managed security services. The name SpiderLabs is derived from AmbironTrustWave’s information security management cycle:

• Simulate – In this stage, real-world tests such as “ethical hacking” or “penetration testing” are conducted to measure the data security controls of an organization. SpiderLabs’ staff members have performed hundreds of penetration tests and security assessments in the past year.

• Prepare – To help application developers and software manufactures produce secure applications such as POS software, SpiderLabs maintains an advanced application and hardware testing facility. SpiderLabs has performed hundreds of such tests to ensure our clients' products are secure the day they are shipped to customers.

• Defend – Through its network operating center (NOC), SpiderLabs provides management and monitoring services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. This level of protection and oversight enables organizations to secure their information and maintain compliance with industry regulations in real-time.

• Respond – SpiderLabs has a full team of investigators and incident response specialists qualified to handle security breaches or system compromises. SpiderLabs staff members specialize in identifying the root cause of an incident and are able to provide litigation support to assist in recovering financial damages.

Several organizations have used SpiderLabs services to enhance the security of their products and comply with industry regulations such as Visa U.S.A’s Payment Application Best Practice (PABP) standard.

“We have used the services of SpiderLabs to test our payment applications software and middleware, and they have been instrumental in our proactive approach to achieving stringent security standards,” said Marco Mabante, vice president of compliance and integration at VeriFone.

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“We were very satisfied with the services SpiderLabs provided for our Payment Applications Best Practices compliance testing. Considering that we were the first wireless point-of-sale system to certify for PABP, we were pleasantly surprised with how smooth the process was,” said Robert Wallace, president of AIRCHARGE, a leader in wireless payment processing.

"We leveraged AmbironTrustWave's SpiderLabs to quickly evaluate the security of our application with the Payment Application Best Practice[s] standard. SpiderLabs formal evaluation process was focused and efficient, resulting in minimal resource impact on our side. In addition, they provided detailed technical guidance that would have otherwise been impossible for us to research or develop internally,” said Ira Chandler, President of Curbstone Corporation.

“SpiderLabs represents the strategy and tactics organizations should be incorporating in their effort to protect their information and develop secure products,” said Robert J. McCullen, CEO of AmbironTrustWave. “Our experience in providing data security and compliance services to business in the payment industry has been invaluable in developing and honing the services that are most critical to securing cardholder information and complying with card association regulations.”

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