MicrocapTrade Launches Innovative Level II Stock Quotes for OTC:BB and Pink Sheet Markets

New York, April 10, 2006—MicrocapTrade, Inc., a leading provider of micro-cap market data for professional and retail traders, today launched a proprietary Level II stock display for Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board (OTC:BB) and Pink Sheet markets. It is now among the very few market data companies that provide Level II quotes for the micro-cap markets.

MicrocapTrade’s innovative Level II quotes provide a unique insight into the micro-cap markets, which does not exist on any other platform. The company’s Level II Market Maker Activity Log provides scrolling alerts whenever market makers change their Level II quotes, making it easier for users to identify bid/ask movements, allowing them to adjust their trading strategies or identify new opportunities. MicrocapTrade’s Level II Summary, another proprietary offering, provides a quote montage for the top four quotes for any given stock, including how many market makers are on each side of the spread, as well as the cumulative trade sizes being offered.

Level II market data provides the full depth-of-book feeds directly from exchanges, electronic communications networks (ECNs) and market makers. It allows clients to identify and act on strategic trading opportunities with a comprehensive view of liquidity throughout the whole market.

Stephan Touizer, CEO of MicrocapTrade, commented, “With the advent of greater transparency over the past few years, we’ve seen significant growth in trading volumes of the micro-cap markets. By offering Level II stock quotes, we’re continuing to open up the OTC:BB and Pink Sheet markets and providing maximum visibility to the quotes and orders driving those markets.”

MicrocapTrade offers Level II quotes for every OTC:BB and Pink Sheet security, even those that are less actively traded.

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