Integrasoft Grid Enables MS Excel With the Release of IGF Excel Grid

Real-Time Grid Enable of Excel spreadsheets with Shrink-wrap Packaging

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y., USA, April 11, 2006—Integrasoft L.L.C. Grid Enables Excel spreadsheets with the release of its IGF (Integrasoft Grid Fabric) Excel Grid. The IGF Excel Grid is a plug-in; a shrink-wrapped product that requires no knowledge or special programming experience in the area of Grid Computing. With self-installation and setup, the program allows the user to be able to access realtime
data in the Grid Nodes as well as contribute data to the Grid Nodes. Simply run the setup program and it is ready for use.

The IGF Excel Grid dynamically creates an Excel IGF Excel Grid Space that functions and operates separately from Excel to share and distribute data across a network of Excel Spreadsheets users. The Excel user simple selects a data range to “save” to the IGF Excel Grid. Once saved, the data in real-time is “live” across the entire IGF Excel Grid for immediate access by any other spreadsheet using the IGF Excel Grid. Retrieving data from the IGF Excel Grid is as simple as a “read” that accesses the IGF Excel Grid and populates the user specified data range in a spreadsheet.

The benefits of using the IGF Excel Grid ranges from real-time sharing of information via in-memory speed across all spreadsheets, reduction of overall processing time, and improve project team workflow by eliminating manual data passing and coordination between team members. In addition, keeping the
data live (in real-time) and active in the IGF Excel Grid promotes accuracy and minimizes risk. Accuracy is achieved via the automatic sharing of information thus reducing manual mistakes. Risk is reduced via protecting the data against any application and/or hardware failures.

The IGF Excel Grid also provides tools and access methods that allow for appending electronic signatures data in the IGF Excel Grid and enables the user to control and customize data marshalling and encryption methods for securing data stored in the IGF Excel Grid.

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