Corticon Validates Core Differentiation with Patent Award

Patent Issued for Business Rules User Interface for the Development of Adaptable Enterprise Applications

Redwood Shores, Calif., April 11, 2006 - Corticon® Technologies, a leading provider of business rules management systems (BRMS), today announced the issuance of United States Patent 7,020,869: "Business Rules User Interface for Development of Adaptable Enterprise Applications." The patent relates to the numerous innovations introduced in the award-winning Corticon Business Rules Modeling Studio, a core part of the Corticon BRMS.

Corticon's BRMS is used to model and automate repeatable business decisions, such as 'what loan rate to offer'; 'what resource to assign'; or 'what treatment to render'. Corticon Studio enables these decisions to be described as user-friendly business rules, such as: 'High value customers receive our best loan rate', rather than requiring a programming language. The patent covers many innovations introduced in Corticon Studio, such as a powerful decision table editor to describe even the most sophisticated rules with relative ease; analysis features to identify errors such as incomplete or conflicting rules; and user-friendly testing tools.

"The award of this patent is particularly meaningful to the Company," said co-inventor Dr. Mark Allen, Founder and CEO of Corticon Technologies. "Corticon is uniformly recognized for our unique model-driven approach to business rules creation and automation. This patent is at the core of our differentiation, which enables both tremendous developer productivity as well as accessibility to non-technical users."

Numerous customer projects across diverse industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and Telecommunications have demonstrated a 10-time improvement in developer productivity relative to alternative approaches to business rules automation, credited to the innovations described in this patent. Corticon's technology empowers a much broader developer community, that has resulted in a dramatic increase in IT and business collaboration.

"We built our solution to fundamentally improve how decisions are automated and how business rules are created," said co-inventor Pedram Abrari, Founder and CTO of Corticon. "I believe that this patent award appropriately recognizes the significance of that innovation."

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