London – 19 September 2005 -Reuters (LSE: RTR, NASDAQ: RTRSY), the global information company, has transformed the business of fixed income security evaluations by offering new levels of timeliness and delivery never previously available.

First, European fixed income evaluations will now include 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM GMT updates via Reuters DataScope back office historical and reference data solution, supplementing its existing 11:00 PM GMT service.

Second, Reuters adjusts fixed income evaluations automatically every 10 minutes and distributes them over the IDN real time network, reflecting any changes to relevant underlying benchmarks, methodology or security terms and conditions such as credit ratings or redemption changes over that period.

Reuters captures any interest rate movements and credit changes up to 4:00 PM GMT and 6:00 PM GMT in Reuters DataScope, facilitating ease of integration into portfolio valuation, risk measurement and other enterprise applications.

These prices are now delivered over Reuters DataScope, Reuters Data Feeds and Reuters premium desktop products such as 3000XTRA, leveraging this extensive product lineup to offer the most comprehensive and timely front- to- back fixed income service available in the market today.

Gary Barr, Product Business Owner for Reuters DataScope, said: “We are very excited that Reuters is the only provider of fixed income evaluations able to offer this sort of timeliness to the market. Our customers have encouraged us to help them more accurately assess their portfolio values and risk across liquid and illiquid global securities. They’ve asked us to provide the same prices in the products their traders, portfolio managers and analysts use to make decisions as those they receive from Reuters DataScope and Reuters Data Feed to run their pre trade, trade and post trade applications.”

Added to the well over 1 million US fixed income securities already provided by Reuters, this new content includes prices on 65,000 European securities in four major currencies (Euro, Sterling, Swiss franc and US dollar). They are determined by Reuters team of experienced bond market evaluators, using methodologies that are published along with the pricing, thus maximizing end-to-end transparency. Customers can contact these evaluators directly to discuss or challenge the rationale behind any price.

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