Prediction Company Proves There is Utility in Utility Computing: Successfully Completes Trial Deployment of Sun Grid Technology

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- October 5, 2005 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), today announced that Prediction Company, a technology-based trading system company, has successfully completed a trial deployment of its financial services software on the Sun Grid Compute Utility. Prediction Company plans on using Sun Grid to enable faster integration of new sources of data. Sun Grid helps customers and partners derive immediate benefits from an open, grid-based computing infrastructure on a utility basis by giving them more choice and control over how they purchase and leverage IT.

At GridWorld this week in Boston, Sun is demonstrating the data analysis application trialed by Prediction Company, in which Prediction is using Sun Grid to analyze and transform data from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This pilot showed the potential for analyzing more data and decreasing time to market and increasing execution times--up to 25% faster, and thus lowering costs. By using Sun Grid, Prediction will be able to allow analysis of larger volumes of data in greater depth. This will lower costs, provide greater returns on investments and increase shareholder value.

"As trading volumes have continued to increase, it has challenged the market's ability to keep up. There is a competitive advantage for those participants that can continue to process data quickly and accurately. Sun Grid helps us improve the speed at which we can deliver data while handling the ever expanding trading volume," said Alan Post, Managing Director, Financial Data Service at Prediction Company. "Using Sun Grid gives us access to the resources we need to quickly integrate new sources of data."

"Sun Grid allows organizations to accommodate the peaks and crests in their business cycles. Customers can leverage their infrastructures for sustained capacity, while using Sun Grid to dial up or down their usage," said Stuart Wells, executive vice president, utility computing, Sun Microsystems. "We are pleased at the success of the pilot with the Prediction Company. Businesses are looking for alternatives to increase data center capacity and reduce idle cycles. Sun Grid helps provide such an alternative."

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