For the first time, the sell side can distribute research via AOL’s AIM® Service and the buy side can instantly search brokers’ research libraries by ticker, analyst or date.

New York, NY – October 5, 2005 - IMTRADER, the AIM®-certified trading, communications and research distribution network, announced a partnership with BlueMatrix™, a comprehensive global research platform that streamlines process for the sell side to create, track and distribute financial research.

IMTRADER’s functionality allows the sell side to proactively distribute research to their buy side clients. Using IMTRADER, research reports can be sent to a targeted audience using multiple instant messaging methods, including a one-to-one IM, Chat Blast™ to a specific group of clients or Chat Blast research out to pre-determined distribution lists. Users have the ability to target clients according to specific trading activity and criteria.

The benefits to the buy side include the ability to automatically search the sell side’s research library according to ticker, analyst, sector or date via the AIM service through the IMTRADER network. The trader or research analyst automatically receives abstracts, summaries, links to or PDFs of detailed research reports. BlueMatrix clients can now offer their buy side users instant access to their research libraries via IM. IMTRADER makes it seamless for the sell side and buy side to communicate research and provide targeted reports using IMTRADER’s innovative, proprietary push-pull technology.

"IMTRADER and BlueMatrix share the common goal of creating efficiencies and streamlining critical processes to help our clients focus on their bottom line. Our combined offering helps tighten the integration between the buy side and sell side," explains Skye Hauptman, co-founder, BlueMatrix.

"Although IMTRADER began rolling out our research offering in the second quarter of 2005, this formal partnership allows us to create further synergies between firms," explains Furqan Nazeeri, CEO of Pivot Solutions. "This is a unique opportunity to grow the IMTRADER Network within BlueMatrix’s 31-broker dealer community."

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