STPGrid - Release 2 now available

Ottawa, October 3rd, 2005: Hyla Corporation today announced the general availability of STPGrid Release 2. Riding on the success of its first release which saw STPGrid's client base increase by 50% per quarter during the first 12 months, Release 2 incorporates new message formats and transport capabilities to meet the requirements of new Investment Managers (IM's) and Custodian Banks.

Existing support for IM and bank custom message formats and standard SWIFT/ISO 15022 message formats has been extended in Release 2 to support FIX and proprietary web portal formats from the worlds largest banks. STPGrid is "FIX-enabled" and will evolve as FIX evolves to accommodate more counter-parties, more financial instruments and more stages in the trading lifecycle. New transport mechanisms including secure FTP solutions such as FSecureâ„¢ and TDAccessâ„¢ are supported in Release 2. Hyla is also introducing a simpler business model in concert with the new release, contact Colin Evans for more details.

Existing STPGrid customers have already received the new release by way of Hyla's Internet based, unobtrusive support capability, new customers will receive Release 2 when they subscribe to the service.

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