Banking and securities software specialist, Mondas PLC, announces the launch
of Radica CAPS 4. This brings major enhancements to its flagship corporate
actions solution, and is designed to further increase efficiency, reduce
risk, minimise cost and speed up progress towards Corporate Actions

Radica CAPS 4 brings together previous versions of CAPS for retail and
institutional clients onto a common platform providing its users with a
modular, scaleable and configurable solution.

Further enhancements include web-enabled modules making the system easily
accessed via Internet, Intranet and Extranet. Radica CAPS 4 also comes
complete with PRISM, an integral message broking toolkit.

A new, easy-to-use, rules-based, front-end provides much greater workflow
flexibility. Radica CAPS 4 can therefore be easily configured to
automatically handle the different transaction processes operating in
countries such as Australia and the US.

Radica CAPS 4 now provides real-time updates to event feeds, SWIFT and
positions at the press of a button, through its intra day connect module,
INTERACT, thereby significantly reducing the risk associated with a lack of
up-to-the-minute data.

"These significant additions are the result of intensive development by the
Mondas team, based on valuable feedback from the many leading institutions
using Radica CAPS and represents a leap forward in the effort to automate
one of the last remaining manual operations within the banking and
securities market," says Chief Executive Officer, Jarlath McGee. "The new
product has already proved itself capable of comfortably handling up to 3
million transactions per month and I am confident that this release now
firmly positions Radica CAPS as the one to beat."

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