IRA Adds XML Support to Basel II Ratings Tools

October 28, 2005

Institutional Risk Analytics has added native XML-export capabilities to the IRA Bank Monitor and IRA Corporate Monitor risk analysis tools, allowing subscribers to drop fully rendered Microsoft Excel spreadsheets defined using the SpreadsheetML standard directly into their PC's. Users can access IRA from anywhere over the internet and make use of web client data mining tools and now XML delivery of spreadsheet models.

"Many of our customers have a need to download data and manipulate information in Excel instead of relying solely on our SQL-based analytics engines and web page displays," notes Dennis Santiago, CEO of IRA. "Excel remains a good tool for analysts to perform the final reformulations and manipulations needed to customize their work. Enabling access to IRA's advanced data mining and analytics library massively leverages the user community."

IRA's technical approach was chosen to optimize supporting end-users from a Web Services data and analysis engine with the emphasis on instant availability in the Excel environment by the analyst. "Analysts have no need to be distracted by the mechanical aspects of data exchange technology", says Santiago, "They need to see their models magically appear so they can carry out their investigations."

Transparent to the user, IRA ensures each XML variation used in our architecture complements other storage engine and reporting layer data exchange constructs such as AICPA's eXtensible Business Reporting Language ("XBRL"). IRA is a member of the US jurisdiction of the XBRL International consortium.

The IRA Bank Monitor provides subscribers with the ability to export "as filed" data and derived metrics on all FDIC insured depository institutions, either to a spreadsheet or for export to another structured environment including publishing PDF reports. The system is designed to provide a public benchmark for creating and maintaining ratings for Probability of Default, Loss Given Default and Exposure at Default for US banks. IRA Bank Monitor also examines business model performance factors and performs safety and soundness testing to support counterparty and M&A assessments.

The IRA Corporate Monitor utilizes vended data on US and global companies to generate fundamental indicators used for creating profiles required for the Advanced Internal Ratings Based Approach of Basel II. It can easily use any structured data source from either the financial reporting or general ledger layers and accommodates add-on analytics customized to the client's needs.

The sky's the limit! If you need to gather complex financial statement data that preserves the diligence chain back to the source and assemble it on your desktop for analysis or display, this is your solution! Client customized data mining and pre-processing models are available. IRA's combination of web page and spreadsheet technology forms the perfect foundation to build custom tool sets that assure consistent, high quality, analysis throughout a worldwide organization.

IRA is a custom designer of risk analysis and valuation tools for credit officers, auditors, corporate lenders, regulators and other financial decision makers. The IRA Bank Monitor is the first commercially available Basel II benchmarking system for US banks, using "as filed" data and calculations taken from US bank regulatory agencies.

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