Eze Castle Software now manages 1,000 connections to 80 Prime Brokers, Administrators, and Third Parties

Saranac Capital Management’s implementation of the Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage interface is the 1000th live Tradewinds connection

Boston, MA (October 26, 2005) - Eze Castle Software (ECS), a leading provider of order management systems (OMS), now supports 1,000 live data interface connections to third parties through its Tradewinds ASP Data Hub. The 1000th live Tradewinds connection was the implementation of the Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage Interface at Saranac Capital Management.

The Tradewinds ASP Data Hub manages the inflow and outflow of critical trade, allocation, and position data between Eze Castle Software’s clients and third parties. The hub stores standard interface templates used by the 80 third parties to transmit data in a standard format. The centralized storage of these interface templates makes it easy for Eze Castle Software to quickly deploy new interface connections to third parties for clients. There is a dedicated support team responsible for the implementation, relationship management, and support of these interfaces. "Tradewinds has a ‘plug-and-play’ architecture," states Liza Hickey, Vice President of Connectivity Services at Eze Castle Software. “If a client wants to connect to a Prime Broker, Administrator or third party in the data hub, we can quickly access the template, deploy it, and start testing immediately."

The Tradewinds interface with Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage handles multiple asset classes such as equities, fixed income, CDS, derivatives, and currencies. It also transmits data for multiple strategies, deal codes, and tax lots, and handles cancelled and corrected trades. "We work with several prime brokers so automating our end of day process for transmitting trade data is a crucial aspect of our business," says Kim Durland, Project Manager at Saranac Capital Management. "Eze Castle Software’s interface with Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage sends all our trade and strategy data to them seamlessly without our interaction. Eze Castle Software handles the file creation, transmission, and confirmation."

"With over 250 clients including 180 hedge funds, you need to make sure you have solid data interfaces and a strong partnership in place with all the Prime Brokers, Administrators, and third parties," continues Eze Castle Software’s Liza Hickey. "Many of these interface relationships have been in existence for 9 years. Developing and supporting relationships with them is key for delivering a complete solution to our clients. Tradewinds is a critical component used by all of our clients to receive and transmit data to third parties."

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