27th October 2005: Premium All-In-One Package Provides Powerful Performance Optimisation, Security and System Maintenance Solution Avanquest UK, a global developer and publisher of mobility, productivity and utilities software, today released VCOM’s SystemSuite Professional 6, the newest version of the award-winning VCOM all-in-one collection of PC diagnostics, repair, maintenance, security and protection tools.

New to this version of SystemSuite is a continuous anti-spyware scanning operation that detects and removes performance-robbing and malicious programs that may have been deposited while users surf the Web, including spyware, Adware, hack tools and password cracking applications. It now locates and removes more viruses than ever. It also provides specific details on each virus before eliminating it from the PC.

One of the hallmarks of the SystemSuite series is the award-winning design which brings all utility features together in an easy-to-use interface, eliminating the need to buy and install each tool separately. System diagnostic tools test and report problems with hardware including USB, Firewire, network and DVD drives. Also in SystemSuite 6 is VCOM’s SecurErase, a feature that allows users to completely erase partitions or hard drives for recycling purposes. In addition, SystemSuite 6 features Recovery Commander™, an advanced data recovery system that can correct major system file damage. As a bonus SystemSuite includes PowerDesk 5, VCOM’s award-winning file manager.

"SystemSuite Professional 6 is, by far, the most comprehensive utility of its kind, providing the total solution for safeguarding the user’s hardware, optimising PC performance and eliminating security threats," noted Chris Thompson, Managing Director Avanquest UK. It has been specifically designed for PC users who today more than ever need a way to maintain and protect their PC and keep it operating like new."

SystemSuite 6 features more than 50 powerful tools designed to work on all of today’s Windows operating systems. Its maintenance operations enable users to defragment their hard drive, fix the Windows registry and diagnose hardware troubles. Other powerful tools included in the SystemSuite 6 package are:

• Fix Utilities: A performance optimisation tool that speeds program launch times, diagnoses and fixes problems and provides "early warning" of hard drive problems;

• AutoSave: This "set it and forget it" real-time data backup tool automatically backs up the user’s data while the users works;

• VCOM Anti-Spam: Recognises and eliminates spam to improve productivity and eliminate threats from messages containing malicious code; and

• GhostSurf Privacy Control: Allows the user to surf the web anonymously without the worry of Internet activity being tracked or watched.
SystemSuite Professional 6 is priced at £49.99inc VAT and is available from all leading retail and online stockists, also directly from Avanquest.

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