Aegis Software's Athena Upgraded for Direct Exchange Connecitivity

NEW YORK, October 21, 2005 - Monday, October 24th, at the Algorithmic Trading Conference at New York's Ritz Carlton Battery Park, Aegis Software Inc. will announce the availability of Athena Gateway Server ("AGS") 3.0, a protocol engine for connecting to exchanges and ECNs. The new release features native connectivity to CME, CBOT and NASDAQ, for market data, order entry and market maker quoting.

For CME, the AGS has been upgraded to directly support the new CME Market Data Platform (MDP) which, according to the CME, uses 50% less bandwidth and allows for superior scalability opportunities. Direct connectivity to eCBOT is achieved by utilizing the LIFFE CONNECT(R)Release 9 interface, and the AGS now also supports QIX connectivity to NASDAQ, as well as TotalView/OrderView for market data. Many consider QIX to be NASDAQ's replacement for Service Delivery Platform (SDP).

"Daiwa sources equity market data feeds from Aegis for our proprietary trading applications," said Michael Mollemans, Head of Electronic Execution Sales of Daiwa Securities America. "The software also includes native support for the Java and .NET environments, so we are unrestricted in our choice of trading application."

"As deployment of algorithmic trading broadens, traders want to maintain their edge by accessing markets directly," said Norm Friedman, Vice President of Aegis Software. "By definition, consolidated feeds add latency to market data, and sending an order through a routing network invariably incurs overhead. Optimal DMA access is achieved by talking directly to the end point."

Used by the buy side and the sell side, the Athena Gateway Server is a software product for directly connecting to exchanges and ECNs, and the AGS natively supports FIX, FIXML, CMS, CTCI and OUCH.

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