Selecting And Analysing Suitable Options

IS.Teledata Launches New Product Module IS.OptionsAnalyser

Frankfurt, October 20, 2005 – Financial advisors at retail and private banks and active investors can now survey and analyse the full range of exchange traded options. IS.Teledata, Europe’s largest provider and operator of customisable financial market information systems, has launched the new product module IS.OptionsAnalyser. The Java-based software shows suitable options in a market matrix, given underlying and maturity. Individual options can be analysed by detailed fundamental data. Investors can also simulate the effect of specific changes in option price, underlying price and implied volatility on the option’s theoretical price, its intrinsic value and its time value. As a special feature, IS.OptionsAnalyser also contains an additional calculation method that takes dividend payments into more precise consideration. The results are displayed in tables of key figures and sensitivities as well as in 2D and interactive 3D charts. Advisors and investors can thus optimise investment strategies and gauge risks. The market overview currently comprises all options traded at Eurex and Euronext. It will be expanded to include all major forward exchanges.

Option Markets Made Transparent

IS.OptionsAnalyser complements IS.WarrantsAnalyser of IS.Teledata that has been successfully marketed since 2001. The functions offered for warrants are thus now available for options, too. IS.OptionsAnalyser is part of IS.Reports Derivatives in IS.Teledata’s eFinance Solutions. They are employed in Internet and intranet financial market information systems. IS.Teledata maintains one of the leading financial databases in Europe. For a better overview and analysis of complex derivative markets, the company also offers IS.Statistics Derivatives which supports issuers in the development of new products.

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