Genesis Securities and TradeBolt Ally For Automated Market Execution

New York, NY- Genesis Securities, LLC, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with TradeBolt, LLC. TradeBolt, a leader in software integration, seamlessly sends system-generated orders from any platform to Genesis Securities for execution, with no modification to a clients existing strategy. Using the TradeBolt Universal Link, automated order execution can be added to any system or indicator as well.

"TradeBolt was always designed with Equity markets in mind, but initially the futures traders monopolized the automated trading arena. There has been a growing demand by current and potential clients to connect with a pure Equity broker." Said Marcus Custance, Managing Director of TradeBolt, LTD. "Having researched the available partners, Genesis Securities held forward the same ethos that TradeBolt does: Reliable, ultra-fast and superior technical support. The union formed by TradeBolt and Genesis is truly at the cutting edge of technology. With each partner committed to significant future enhancements, we will remain ahead of the technology curve for the foreseeable future."

TradeBolt is a tool that was initially developed for traders of every experience level. It allows for fully automatic trading and order execution regardless of the system, or programming language. TradeBolt takes the signal from any system and sends it to Genesis for execution, it is important to note that this has no actual affect on the total elapsed time of the order.

"This relationship is a major advance in hands-free trading technology. TradeBolt technology allows traders to execute with all the advantages of Genesis Securities." Said Doug Deming, President of TradeBolt, LLC. "I can't imagine any serious money manager or individual trader not benefiting from this. It is an absolute must in today's ultra competitive trading environment."

In their continuing effort to provide a broader range of services, Genesis Securities, a NASDAQ Platinum Certified Partner, is forging this relationship with the intent of providing the same service they are known for, to clients currently using other trading platforms and systems. During the beta testing stage, all executions were successfully completed, opening the door for an official release.

"In a business sense, just having a powerful ally is already a plus. With Tradebolt we have found a company that has the same commitment to quality as we do," said Serge Pustelnik, Business Development Director at Genesis Securities. "Together we can drastically improve the conditions in the automated segment of the market."

At least half of the volume of all equity markets is credited to automated trading. This alliance may increase this volume owing to the fact that execution costs, and speeds are important factors for automated traders.

"With TradeBolt’s premier services, we will offer our clients the best of both worlds: the use of the platform of their choice, and the advantage of our execution." Said William Yeh, President and CEO of Genesis Securities.

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