Performance Explorer Appointed by ABN AMRO Mellon Global Securities Services BV and Mellon Global Securities Lending

London – October 13th, 2005 – Performance Explorer is pleased to announce that, effective from today, it has been appointed by ABN AMRO Mellon Global Securities Services BV and Mellon Global Securities Lending (Mellon GSL), the securities lending arm of Mellon Financial Corporation. The agreement gives ABN AMRO Mellon and Mellon GSL the ability to provide independent securities lending performance measurement services and benchmarking to all their underlying clients.

Kathy Rulong, Executive Director, Global Securities Lending at Mellon and Jamie M. Ball, Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets at ABN AMRO Mellon said, "We look forward to Performance Explorer delivering great value to us and to our clients. This represents an important step in further ensuring that we continue to deliver outstanding reporting and performance measurement options to all of our clients."

Performance Explorer is a secure, web-based service that allows customers to better understand their securities lending performance by comparing individual results against the aggregated data of a broad, customizable universe of industry peers. All customer data is kept confidential and anonymous. Currently, Performance Explorer collects aggregated data on more than 1.3 million securities lending transactions for over 72,000 securities and more than 13,000 portfolios. Recent figures compiled by the service indicated total lendable assets at almost $7 trillion and total on-loan balances at more than $1.5 trillion.

The Securities Lending Groups of both ABN AMRO Mellon and Mellon provide well-managed, cross-border securities lending programmes in order to generate maximum lending revenue on a client’s portfolio. They employ a risk-averse, value-added strategy and are committed to delivering solutions that are tailored to every client’s individual risk profile, within the parameters of a transparent, rigorously managed, cost-effective and risk-controlled environment. Adding Performance Explorer to the programmes enables independent performance measurement, benefiting both ABN AMRO Mellon and Mellon’s clients and the programmes themselves. The strength of their client-focused approach has enabled the programmes to achieve lead positions in the industry’s major surveys, including Global Custodian’s 2005 Global Custody Survey, which included a top rating, and stated their lending scores ‘outstanding’.

Julian Pittam, Managing Director of Performance Explorer added, "We are delighted to have been chosen by ABN AMRO Mellon Global Securities Services and Mellon Financial Corporation to provide benchmarking and performance measurement for their underlying clients."

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