YJT Solutions Launches Command Center, a Network Monitoring and Maintenance Solution

Ideal for Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds, and Trading Groups

Chicago, October 10, 2005 – YJT Solutions, LLC (YJT), formerly You Just Trade, LLC, announced today a real-time, 24/7, SLA-backed network monitoring and maintenance solution called the YJT Command Center.

Ideal for financial institutions, hedge funds, and trading groups, YJT Solutions has designed Command Center from the ground up with the financial industry in mind. The complete solution includes a blend of advanced, real-time, customizable monitoring technology combined with the capability to respond immediately to network problems on a 24/7 basis.

On the new monitoring solution, YJT Managing Director, Linda Bracken, said, "Firms in our industry have mission-critical systems. They cannot afford to be down, they require immediate notification when something is not working right, and they need to have a safety net ensuring someone will be on site at a moment's notice if that's what's needed. It used to be that having well-run network infrastructure was a way for firms to get edge, but now it's a necessity in order to have a chance to create edge.
YJT Command Center allows our clients to focus on their proprietary business initiatives and offload as much general network maintenance as they wish."

Deploying Command Center is done based on customer needs. It starts with implementing basic up/down device monitoring and customizing service responses based on business objectives. The larger benefits are realized as firms' proprietary and industry applications are monitored 24/7 and responded to in the exact manner requested by the customer. The YJT Command Center can route alerts to the client's IT department, the YJT Service Desk, or a combination of both, depending on the type of problem or the specific application involved.

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