CAPITAL CURRENCIES LIMITED "The Better Way to Foreign Currency"

A new company, CAPITAL CURRENCIES, has been launched to provide foreign currency services to both private and corporate clients.

CAPITAL CURRENCIES is based in Tunbridge Wells and its principal and Managing Director, Craig Strong, has over 15 years experience of operating in the London foreign exchange markets.

"My experience" he told Bob’s Guide "is that the majority of small and medium sized companies with a foreign currency need almost invariably rely on their local bank and have to accept the exchange rates they are given. Now, CAPITAL CURRENCIES intends to change that by being seen as a competitive and trustworthy alternative to the local bank or exchange bureau."

"Because we are able to access the better rates of the wholesale foreign exchange markets and our overheads are low, we can offer our clients a very attractive deal and with us there are no extra charges or fees."

CAPITAL CURRENCIES is focusing its activities initially in London & the south-east and is targeting those small to medium sized companies that have an on-going foreign currency need. Also of particular interest are private individuals who need foreign currency to complete the purchase of assets abroad such as a property in Spain or a luxury car from Germany.

Bob Brown, Marketing Director for CAPITAL CURRENCIES, added "In a tough market place, we know that our success will depend not only on offering competitive rates of exchange but also on building relationships with our clients and providing them with high quality service, tailored to meet their specific requirements."

CAPITAL CURRENCIES clears all funds through the British banking system and is fully compliant with HM Customs and Excise regulations. It has also adopted the voluntary code of good market practice for Non- Investment Products, as outlined by the Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee, chaired by the Bank of England.

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