FIM chooses VPD Market Data Centre for integrating market data to its systems and operations covering Asset Management - Brokerage - Corporate Finance

FIM Group Ltd has signed a license agreement for the best-of-breed product VPD
Market Data Centre, part of VPD Risk & Performance.

FIM Group Ltd is devoted to investing - providing asset management, securities
brokerage and corporate finance services, with a passion for increasing
customers' wealth.

In their RFP, FIM requested a centralised market data management system for
financial market (basic, price and corporate action) data gathering, management, delivery and reporting. Data would be utilised mainly in FIM’s asset management, brokerage and mutual fund management processes.

After reviewing VPD Market Data Centre, part of VPD Risk & Performance, FIM
concluded that this system would meet their requirements in a sufficient way.
Jussi Seppälä, Managing Director at FIM Fund Management Ltd, comments: "We
were really impressed by the product, VPD Market Data Centre, and concluded
that this would be the optimal route for us. Especially as many of our manual
processes will be fully automated utilising this product".

The implementation project is initialised, and the first delivery will be early this summer. In the second implementation phase, the system will provide data to more than one system and the full range of functions covering prices, theoretical prices, and corporate actions will be implemented. VPD Market Data Centre will import, export, validate, calculate and process data, primarily utilising Thomson DDL (Datastream Data Loader).

"We are very proud to add FIM to our client list. It is a highly respected firm on the financial markets, and we are especially proud as FIM is our first VPD Risk & Performance client in Finland", says Johan Lundman, Head of Business
Development at VPD. "It is also very rewarding to us that FIM recognises the
great value of our product when they use it as connector and data warehouse for
their systems in both Asset Management and Brokerage".

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