Sunopsis Accelerates Asia-Pacific Growth

25 May 2005

Sunopsis, one of the world’s leading data integration specialists, today announced that it has signed a number of new customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region, continuing its record as the fastest growing data integration software company in the world.

Alain Dumas, CEO, Sunopsis, commented: "The Asia-Pacific region is integral to the company’s success and we are highly optimistic for the region’s sustained growth. The specific demands of the clients in the region match the strengths of our products perfectly. Additionally, our largest customers in North America and Europe are requesting around-the-clock, worldwide support – a demand that our strong presence in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific enables us to meet."

"We clearly have an edge on the technology side," said Andrew Lampitt, General Manager of Sunopsis Asia-Pacific, who launched the operation in Singapore in 2003.

"Our challenge is to disseminate the corresponding business messages to the market. Therefore, it is our partners – technology partners, system integrators, and resellers – that represent our key to our growth in the region. Our partners have the business relationships and local knowledge to deliver the business value messages to our mutual customers. We now have trained and productive local resellers and distributors in nearly every major country in the region, and we continue to increase our partner network."

Recent customers in South East Asia include TSI Holdings in the construction sector in Malaysia, the Department of the Land & Building Taxes in Indonesia, and the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) in Thailand. UTCC has been particularly enthusiastic for its selection of Sunopsis. UTCC is partnering with the University of Chicago in the USA to create the largest economic research centre in Asia, and thus data is a critical aspect to its success.

As Mr. Porames Songsaengterm, IT Director of UTCC, explained: "One of the major reasons UTCC chose Sunopsis was because it was the only product that could turn our target system, Sybase ASE, into a powerful transformation engine. We chose Sybase ASE because it is a high-performance database engine, and now we can use it as our transformation engine as well. This more than doubles the value of our investment in Sybase ASE."

"Secondly, we had a variety of databases and files. We needed a tool that could handle the data cleansing and prepare data in a suitable format so that our researchers could perform analysis of error-free data with tools like Stetra, MathLab, SAS, and SPSS. Sunopsis was the only tool that let us capture erroneous data, study the errors, and recycle these errors instantly. In the game of analysis, perfect data is critical, and Sunopsis is the only data integration tool that can easily guarantee us perfect data."

Pou Chen Group, based in Taiwan, one of the world’s largest shoe manufacturers, selected Sunopsis and Sunopsis MQ message-oriented middleware software to integrate data from Oracle systems between manufacturing sites in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia with those at the headquarters in Taiwan. Other new customers in Taiwan include several government agencies including the Legislative Yuan lawmaking body and the Information Industry Institute.

Customers in the Asia-Pacific region are particularly demanding when it comes to the price-performance ratio. Traditional ETL software is expensive and lacks performance. Furthermore, data quality is an essential requirement for these customers, a requirement typically not met by other products. Sunopsis is the only open and proven data integration software that uses the emerging standard of ELT, in which the customer’s existing RDBMS becomes the transformation engine. That means Sunopsis is affordable since there is no expensive proprietary engine, and it requires no dedicated hardware.

Performance is 10-20 times better than with ETL engines because all data transformations are processed in a set rather than a cursor approach, row-by-row, as in all traditional ETL software. And finally, data quality is the whole reason for undertaking such an investment. Sunopsis captures invalid data on the fly, before they reach the target systems. Users can easily scrutinise this data and then either change the business rules or recycle the data.

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