ICY SOFTWARE presents the new version of ICYFX

ICYFX v5 has been enhanced with new pricing capabilities and ever relevant marketing features.
ICYFX v5 brings you more than ever speed and accurate pricing, remaining the most user-friendly FX options tool on the market.


ICYFX now calculates the market price of exotic options based on volatility surface adjustments.
The new pricing libraries for exotic options are using Dvega/Dspot and Dvega/Dvol price adjustment.
Sales can directly include their mark-up in the net price of the option from the pricing window.


ICYFX enlarges its range of advanced analysis features. You can now check what is your probability to hit a trigger.
If you want to display a complete description of the underlying options deals, you just need to click on the ABC button.
When pricing multi-legs option strategies, you have the ability to sort the different options priced and use various criteria for a better analysis of FX strategies.
You can study the sensitivity of a strategy or position to a term structure modification.

Real-time Connections

ICYFX real-time connections have been optimized for a faster retrieval of market parameters.
ICYFX v5 incorporates new terms structure dates (9 months, 5, 7 and 10 years).


ICYFX‘s interface has been totally redesigned. Menus and buttons have been rebuilt.
The report builder has been optimized. The version 5 also includes new shortcuts for a faster pricing.

Add-in : Import FX positions from your back-office system with our connector. Customizations can be made on demand.

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