webMethods for SAP Protects and Extends Business Connector Investments

Replacement for SAP Business Connector offers a proven alternative to SAP XI migration, eliminates the need to recode, remap existing integrations

London, United Kingdom. – May 19, 2005 – webMethods, Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBM), a leading business integration and optimization software company, today unveiled webMethods for SAP, a comprehensive solution for SAP R/3 environments facilitating faster, simpler and more complete integration of heterogeneous systems and extended supply chains. Designed to serve as an immediate, out-of-the-box replacement and upgrade for the SAP Business Connector, webMethods for SAP offers businesses a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution for maintaining and extending their current Business Connector-based business processes. SAP’s decision to cease further development of the Business Connector, which has been downloaded by thousands of enterprises since 1999 and deployed globally, had left these organisations with few choices for maintaining these business-critical integrations other than incurring the cost and potential for disruption and other risks associated with migrating to SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure).

"When SAP required a solution for integrating R/3 with other systems using XML-based standards, webMethods was the partner that they called upon to develop the Business Connector on an OEM basis. Taking advantage of the backwards compatibility offered by webMethods for SAP, we’re now able to provide current Business Connector users with a highly compelling alternative to the ‘rip and replace’ strategies that have been proposed to date," said Debbie Rosen, executive vice president, Worldwide Marketing, webMethods Inc. "Through a simple upgrade, users can now ensure the continuing, long-term vitality of their existing Business Connector integrations while taking immediate advantage of the greatly expanded capabilities delivered by webMethods’ new solution. At the same time, webMethods for SAP offers comprehensive support for XI so that users can establish their own pace for transitioning current and future technology initiatives to this new platform."

With the introduction of webMethods for SAP, current Business Connector users will realise a number of significant benefits:

webMethods for SAP delivers a significantly faster upgrade process, while its backwards compatibility avoids the redevelopment needed to migrate existing Business Connector implementations to XI.

webMethods for SAP is a cost-effective and proven approach that not only minimises development and implementation costs, but also avoids the additional licensing fees associated with using XI for SAP to non-SAP integration scenarios.

webMethods for SAP’s core technology is used by more than 1,300 companies and government agencies globally. webMethods, together with it’s partners, documents at least two integration projects going into production every business day. It’s a proven, mature solution offering minimal risk.

webMethods for SAP provides a familiar experience to current Business Connector users while offering significant, upgraded features for additional productivity and ease-of-use enhancements along with updated Web services support.

As a seamless upgrade to the Business Connector, webMethods for SAP addresses the spectrum of business integration needs faced by global organisations – both internally and with their trading partners – such as supply chain automation, application integration, data synchronisation, and SAP instance consolidation, and includes access to webMethods’ broad range of application and e-standards adapters for best-in-class integration between SAP and third-party environments. Also included is webMethods Trading Networks, which provides additional capabilities for managing business processes that extend to external trading partners, suppliers, and customers. Furthermore, webMethods for SAP serves as an entry point to the entire webMethods Fabric™ product suite, providing organisations with the ability to take complete advantage of the rich business process management, business activity monitoring, and composite application development capabilities offered by the full webMethods solution.

Combining the familiarity of the Business Connector with best-in-class integration features, webMethods for SAP is a proven solution offering enterprises an immediate and cost-effective approach for managing, extending and optimizing all of their integrations to the SAP environment.

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