Kofax Launches New Version of INDICIUS Advanced Capture Suite With Automated Document Separation for the Ascent Platform

Version 5.0 Integrates Advanced, Patent-Pending Algorithms to Automate Manual Separation Processes in High-Volume Capture Environments, Dramatically Lowering Operational Costs

May 2005 -- Kofax, the world’s largest information capture vendor, today announced a new version of its award-winning INDICIUS advanced capture suite that includes automated document separation. As supporting technology for Kofax’s Ascent platform, INDICIUS 5.0 contains unique automated document separation technology that eliminates the need to manually sort documents and insert physical separator sheets during document preparation, thereby reducing processing delays, lowering operating costs and increasing productivity.
INDICIUS 5.0 integrates technology from recently acquired companies Neurascript and Mohomine. Neurascript software tools automate the recognition, extraction, and indexing of information from business documents and forms. Mohomine technology speeds automated data capture, routing, and categorization for unstructured documents. By integrating these technologies with advanced patent-pending algorithms for automatic document separation, INDICIUS 5.0 becomes the most sophisticated set of software tools for advanced information capture.

"By eliminating the manual process of inserting separator pages, Version 5.0 greatly reduces labor costs, minimizes human error and accelerates a labor-centric process that is inherently slower than computerized methods," said Anthony Macciola, vice president of development and marketing at Kofax. "Only Kofax could have brought its customers this type of advanced solution for automating document separation, because we integrated our own Neurascript and Mohomine technologies with our Ascent Capture platform."

The process of scanning batches of semi-structured and unstructured documents typically involves a manual preparation step where "separator pages" are physically inserted between documents to indicate the type and start of a given document. In high-volume scanning operations, the manual effort of inserting separator pages can be extremely costly and time consuming, and the level of effort scales directly with the volume of documents processed.
For example, a large U.S.-based loan processing customer estimates that in order to process 20 million images a month, it requires approximately 60 full-time employees to perform document preparation. About 50 percent of this labor is the physical insertion of separator sheets, while the remaining 50 percent encompasses removing staples, organizing batches and prepping the paper to be fed through the scanner by the scan operator.

Automatic document separation eliminates the labor required to insert separator sheets, as well as substantial costs in consumables associated with printing separator sheets, such as paper, ink and toner. INDICIUS 5.0 also greatly reduces the cost of human errors associated with manual document separation, which are otherwise unavoidable whenever a document-preparation employee must read a document and determine its content. Such errors lead to high quality control (QC) and validation costs to ensure accuracy. Version 5.0 provides a significant improvement in accuracy and greatly reduces the costs for QC.

According to Macciola, INDICIUS 5.0 demonstrates the interoperability and integration of Kofax’s various technologies, all supporting the Ascent Capture platform. One of the true differentiators between Kofax and its competitors is that the company develops its own technology to work with Ascent and offer a one-stop shop for its customers’ capture needs.

"Whether it is INDICIUS 5.0 or our professional-strength desktop capture solution, Capio 1.5, that was announced earlier this month, our solutions seamlessly integrate with Ascent," said Macciola. "Of course, this integration results in much faster installation, far fewer compatibility issues that require technical assistance, and ultimately a much higher rate of customer satisfaction."

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