FrontBridge Enhances Multi-Layer Virus Engine with Scanning Technology from Kaspersky Lab

Additional Layer of Virus Protection Reduces Window of Vulnerability During Virus Outbreaks

London, UK. - May 18, 2005 - FrontBridge Technologies, a leading provider of Total Message Management services, today announced the addition of the Kaspersky anti-virus engine to its multi-layered email security service. Kaspersky Lab joins FrontBridge's anti-virus technology partners in providing enterprise-grade global protection against viruses, Trojan horses and worms. Every message that enters the FrontBridge Global Network is scanned by multiple anti-virus engines before it reaches a customer's email system to help ensure that malicious code is removed from the mail stream.

Kaspersky Lab is one of the most respected anti-virus companies in the world with more than 15 years of anti-virus research. Heralded for the accuracy and speed of its updates, Kaspersky Lab outpaces other leading virus labs in the rapid release of new virus signatures, according to the most recently published research on response times.

Kaspersky Lab was the first vendor to detect a new version of Email-Worm.Win32.Sober, Sober.p, which is currently causing an epidemic in Western Europe. Data from ISPs shows that this worm is currently the most common malicious program found in email traffic. Sober.p has broken records in terms of the number of infected messages sent out and speed of propagation.

FrontBridge will maintain a close developer relationship with Kaspersky Lab and by checking for Kaspersky signature updates every ten minutes, FrontBridge will minimise the window of vulnerability for its 3,700 customers. Additionally, FrontBridge will provide immediate protection prior to the release of any anti-virus engine update by using its powerful policy and attribute- blocking capability to block specific kinds of attachments or filter email based on specific characteristics of a message.

"With the latest email threats able to cross the globe in minutes, it is essential for managed email service to protect their customers' email with the fastest response times and the most frequent database updates," said Vitaly Bezrodnykh, Kaspersky Lab's business development director. This partnership provides FrontBridge customers with up-to-the-minute protection, allowing them to reap the benefits of secure, virus-free email."

In addition to third-party anti-virus engines, the FrontBridge email security service leverages its proprietary Virus Hold technology, applying sophisticated content analysis techniques to isolate and quarantine suspected viruses before public anti-virus signatures have been released.

"FrontBridge maintains one of the largest email networks, transmitting billions of messages across the globe each week," said Dan Nadir, vice president of product management for FrontBridge Technologies. "Securing inbound and outbound email is a paramount concern and we will continue to enhance our virus scanning capabilities by partnering with Kaspersky Lab to ensure that malicious code stays off our network."

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