XiliXTM Implements Margin Trading Module

Tokyo JAPAN, May 17, 2005 – An undisclosed Japanese asset manager has selected XiliXTM for its latest Margin Trading Module, the first such tool in the market. The new XiliXTM module helps domestic buy side clients and brokers alike to monitor margin positions and margin purchase limits in real time.

XiliXTM’s Margin Trading Module is particularly geared for Japanese buy side institutions that actively send electronic orders to their executing brokers. This module is a value added service, as it assists buy side clients to monitor intra-day margin positions and purchase limits in real time. Brokers can control business and compliance risks without jeopardizing speed and efficiency of electronic trading.

"MetaBit always strives to understand the true needs of our clients, to provide the best service," says Yoko Tateya, Director, MetaBit, "We identified the need of a Margin Trading Module to cater to the needs of financial institutions that utilise electronic brokerage in Japan. We feel MetaBit has set another corner stone in our focus to serve the needs of Japan’s domestic buy and sell side institutions that trade electronically."

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