Integrated Technology Solution Builds on Wilshire’s Three Decades of Innovation

LONDON, May 10, 2005 -- Solidifying its position as the preeminent investment
technology firm for the asset management marketplace, Wilshire Associates Incorporated today announced the European and Asia Pacific launch of The Wilshire iQuantum(sm), an integrated performance measurement, performance attribution and risk management solution for multi-currency, multi-asset class portfolios.

"Wilshire iQuantum is built on the foundation of more than three decades of Wilshire's sophisticated analytical models, providing the most robust performance and risk analytics in the investment profession", commented Dennis A. Tito, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Wilshire Associates. "We take our position as an industry pioneer and innovator very seriously. As such, we are continually working to leverage breakthrough technology to improve upon the analytic solutions we offer to investment managers in the asset management marketplace. The Wilshire iQuantum is an example of our commitment to provide our clients with the very best tools at all times".

According to Senior Managing Director Robert J. Raab, Jr., who heads Wilshire
Analytics, Wilshire iQuantum builds on the success of the popular Wilshire Quantum suite, which assists organisations with portfolio analysis, management and reporting. Wilshire Analytics develops and provides superior risk management, portfolio analysis, asset allocation and performance measurement solutions to fund managers, banks, insurers, consultants and other institutional investment organisations around the world.

"The Wilshire iQuantum is designed to provide decision support and other valuable feedback to the investment process", Raab noted. "By integrating our risk models into tracking error decomposition as well as performance attribution, clients can fully quantify the effects of their investment decisions. With our state-of-the-art attribution tools based on GIPS® methodology, clients can now explain all their sources of valued added down
to the security level -- whether it is currency selection, weighting or trading effect. In addition, Wilshire iQuantum provides scenario analysis using the historical and hypothetical 'what if' stress testing module", Raab concluded.

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