Smaller Businesses Should Imagine A Bigger Future

In life, we are sometimes only limited by boundaries that we erect around ourselves. The same can be true in business. You are a smaller business either because you think or know you are or because others perceive you as such. This can result in your becoming marginalised when innovation comes knocking at the door of larger organisations.

Imagine yourself as a larger enterprise with access to better resources. Take corporate governance as an example. Whatever your size, you have a business to manage and care for, risk assessment, probably some compliance issues, internal and external audit, etc., the list can become quite long. Now imagine that you are an organisation with instant and accurate data on demand, where everyone who needs them has access to the latest, correct reports in Windows format, where there is no need for expensive paper reports to be circulated. When you invest in Monarch software, you acquire a new resource with enough scope and power to make a real difference to your organisation.

Imagine you are an organisation where anyone who needs to can quickly respond to customer enquiries or complaints; where actions are planned and tracked into a central database; where those actions may be monitored against user-defined criteria.

Imagine you are an organisation with an integrated reporting system. Imagine you are maintaining compliance to multiple standards and requirements ; where risk assessments, customer surveys, audits, action plans and much more are integrated via one software application.

All management systems whatever the size of the enterprise, need the same certain core elements for:

Dealing with problems or opportunities for improvement
Setting objectives and planning how to meet them
Controlling the reports in use within the organisation
Review and audit to verify that the system is working

Monarch Pro's ability to quickly and easily import, analyse and combine data from almost any data source now including pdf files makes it a powerful business intelligence solution for everyone. You can bring the analytical firepower of Monarch Pro to bear on data mined from ASCII/ANSI files (such as reports), HTML files, data from spreadsheets, database files, delimited text or ODBC data sources. Monarch Pro's unique modeling technology allows even non-technical users to effortlessly build a collection of filters, summaries and charts and apply them to different data sets.

So easy to use, Monarch Pro is the ideal solution for managers, analysts, accountants and auditors who want to access and manipulate data from trusted reports and other data sources, quickly and easily, without programming. IT professionals use Monarch Pro as well, to help reduce demands for custom database queries and report writing jobs.

Monarch Pro includes all the standard features of Monarch, the world's leading report mining and analysis tool, plus the ability to import and analyze data from XLS, MDB, DB, DBF, WKx, delimited text and HTML files, as well as any ODBC-compliant data source, including SQL Server and Oracle. Monarch Pro reads and mines data from report files commonly known as print files, spool files, TXT files, formatted ASCII files, PRN files and SDF files. It now adds the ability to export work as a pdf to its other great export skills.

Society expects your organisation to comply with an ever-increasing range of compliance standards and legal requirements. Managers are also being expected to achieve greater efficiencies – providing better services while using fewer resources. To consistently achieve those aims and produce evidence of compliance activities, effective management systems need to be in place. Monarch software and its automated version Monarch Data Pump, provides the infrastructure to assist any compliance or business management system. With Monarch software, you can now afford to imagine yourself larger. Your staff and customers as well as business partners will have to view you in a different light. Monarch has developed over many versions and will support all the items addressed above. Your one stop solution for streamlining your business process for less than the cost of some temporary clerical activity.

You are probably already aware that there is a trend towards the integration of systems – reducing duplication and other inefficiencies. Formal management systems tend to be insular – focused on quality, safety, environment or another aspect of business management. However, they all have certain core elements in common e.g. the need to control and understand data, the need to perform audits and reviews, the need to record nonconforming events and plan action to deal with them. Monarch software allows for full or partial integration. Separate existing systems may be integrated gradually as the level of business maturity makes it most suitable. Data transformation and Report Mining allows the user to see information that matches their interest. For example, a compliance officer could exclude all other records from a search by simply selecting the filter tool in Monarch.

As systems get larger and more complex, component inefficiencies and their lack of integration cause unproductive work. In most management systems, there are various separate components used, lists and registers, Excel workbooks, and perhaps various databases. Although these components may ‘do the job’ to some degree, there is usually no link between them. Imagine you can afford a system which offers sophisticated data transformation and report mining and an unparalleled level of integration. Such sophisticated merging of data assists the auditors, both internal and external, to find a problem. It can then be referred back to the responsible person or department.

Monarch software provides the infrastructure for operating a one stop compliance management system utilizing your existing system. Monarch Pro can merge up to nine different data sources. It removes the need for an expensive new system. It will help organisations of all sizes to learn about compliance and risk management, and implement them more effectively and efficiently. It can be used to address a whole range of compliance issues e.g., reporting, operational risk assessment and many other compliance requirements. In short, it provides better control over and management of data without recourse to expensive IT time and prolongs the value of your investment in an existing system.

Management without information is not management. Monarch software, with around 500,000 users globally works with your existing system and allows you to work smarter and with better control over your data.

Monarch software, the world's number one report mining software solution, may be the only data access and analysis tool you ever need. With Monarch software, there's no need to flip through thick printed reports, re-key data into spreadsheets, or struggle with complex SQL data analysis tools. Instead, Monarch transforms your report files into data, without programming. Work smarter, with Monarch report mining software!

A powerful data analysis tool, Monarch lets you easily sort, filter, summarize and graph report data, export to Excel, Access, etc. Additionally, Monarch Pro can access additional data sources: Excel, Access, ODBC, HTML, etc.

Keep your data, lose the paper, with Monarch software: the premier report mining and data analysis tool.

As your organisation grows, you will find uses for Monarch’s automated version, Monarch Data Pump. Gartner Group estimates that workers spend at least 10% of their time just looking for the information they need to perform a business task or make a decision. CIO Magazine once noted that the average executive wastes up to 82 minutes per day searching for needed information.

Too often, workers must wait for IT department assistance to correctly work with a complex database access tool to provide customised data. Others resort to re-keying data from existing paper reports into MS Excel or Access in order to work with the data; a cumbersome and error-prone process. Either way, valuable work time is wasted, deadlines are missed, and opportunities are lost.

Organizations have invested heavily to collect data with enterprise systems, such as ERP systems, HR/payroll systems, and information systems designed for specific industries, such as healthcare and banking. Delivering such enterprise data to the right person at the right time, customised for specific business needs, will improve business performance and enhance competitiveness. But how can your organization easily create and deliver customised enterprise data, without a long, expensive and complex technology implementation?

Monarch Data Pump (MDP) is the answer. MDP combines Datawatch's latest Monarch Report Mining/Data Mining engine with the Microsoft .NET framework to provide a highly scalable and easily administered enterprise solution to acquire, combine, and monitor customised data, and deliver that data in a wide variety of formats, on an automatic, scheduled basis.

Only MDP can access, combine, customize and publish data mined from "unstructured" data sources, particularly existing reports, along with "structured" data sources, such as databases and spreadsheets, to fulfill your organisation's ETL and enterprise information delivery needs.

With MDP, managers and workers throughout the organisation, plus partners and customers outside the organization, can all receive the actionable, customised data they need without programming and without help from the IT department. MDP will help your organisation expedite informed decision-making, identify new business opportunities, and resolve business issues before they become big problems, at a cost and ease of implementation that no other alternative enterprise solution can touch .

Now you can afford to imagine. Imagine that.

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