MEGA releases the latest version of its Enterprise Architecture software suite

Paris, 11th May, 2005 - MEGA International Ltd., a leading independent provider of Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) modelling solutions, has today announced the release of MEGA 2005, the latest version of its flagship software suite.

Aimed at IT directors, operations directors, project managers and risk managers, MEGA 2005 has the flexibility to handle a wide variety of modelling-based projects including EA, corporate governance compliance and information systems management.

"Combining ease-of-use with enhanced flexibility and functionality, including the new MEGA Business Data module, MEGA 2005 represents a real leap forward for customers," said Antoine Lonjon, Product Marketing Director, MEGA International. "With MEGA 2005 we have responded to the needs of our customers by providing integrated modelling methodology and project management support. The improved power and flexibility of the new solution enables customers to use modelling for projects designed to transform processes and company architecture with greater confidence than ever."

The integrated modelling environment provided by MEGA 2005 offers increased user-friendliness by bringing together the tools for navigation, research and modelling within a single interface. New productivity enhancements in this version include preferences management, object trackings histories, and the ability to recover deleted material from the recycle bin. A new diagram preview tool further facilitates access to objects within the modelling environment.

MEGA 2005 also offers enhanced graphics functionality to improve the quality of objects created. A new intuitive and flexible search wizard guides users through the repository with ease.

Graphics wizards have been introduced into MEGA 2005 to ease the creation of diagrams as well as improve the links between various diagrams. A new control system that can be turned on and off ensures that models are compliant with predefined rules. A pictogram underlines objects not following rules - a simple click provides access to the rules that have been broken, and to the objects that need to be corrected.

A new module in MEGA 2005, MEGA Business Data, enables users to model business specific enterprise data, independent of its possible implementation in a database. When used with MEGA Process, MEGA Business Data allows an organisation’s enterprise vocabulary to be defined and shared. Used with MEGA Architecture, it enables architectural data to be prepared, specifically for urban development projects.

MEGA Designer offers enhanced database specification tools, so that conceptual models can be linked with ease to physical models, ensuring true traceability between the two. All important market notations such as IE, ER, UML Class diagrams and more are supported simultaneously making it possible to adapt to various team cultures while facilitating information sharing and alignment.

The MEGA 2005 administration module has been entirely reworked with flexibility in mind. A new option controls meta-model visibility, so that only object types relevant to a user’s tasks are presented to them.

MEGA 2005 Software Suite - Summary

MEGA 2005 consists of three main products: MEGA Process, MEGA Architecture and MEGA Designer, all sharing a common architecture.

· MEGA Process - analyses and documents strategy, value chains and organisational processes

· MEGA Architecture - models and describes IT systems

· MEGA Designer - Produces detailed architecture and specifications for applications, services, data and databases

· Modules for Personalisation - making it possible to customise the tool for individual environments
· MEGA Simulation - for process optimisation

· MEGA Business Data - defines business objects and data dictionaries

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